The Young Women in Leadership and Mentorship Programme 2019

Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) with support from UN Women Uganda invites applications from young women leaders for the Young Women in Leadership and Mentorship Programme.

The Akina Mama wa Afrika – African Women’s Leadership Institute was birthed in 1997 and is based on a long-standing model of POT (Personal Mastery, Organizing Skills and Taking Action), a framework that provides a powerful and holistic feminist grounding for African women to define, analyze and articulate their experiences of inequalities and devise solutions for sustained change.

Young Women in Leadership and Mentorship Programme

The Young Women in Leadership and Mentorship Programme is a feminist and transformational leadership programme to be held under the auspices of the African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI). The AWLI is a space for catalyzing and nurturing feminist and transformational leaders to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment on the African continent and beyond.


The programme encompasses a mandatory five-day residential training and a one-year mentorship to which applicants should be fully committed. The residential training will be held from the 25th – 30th August 2019, in Kampala, Uganda.

This specific Young Women in Leadership and Mentorship Programme targets dynamic young women in all their diversities including differently abled women, LBQ women and women affected by HIV/AIDS, interested in strengthening their leadership capabilities, feminist analysis and movement building skills that will enable them to effectively mobilize a critical mass of feminist and transformational leaders to transform power relations between women and men by addressing the root causes of gender inequality.


  • Women leaders aged between 18-40,
  • Based in Uganda,
  • Have exemplified leadership in their organizations, communities and or have stood for elective office,
  • Applicants must be enthusiastic about implementing a social action project in their community.

How to Apply

Interested applicants for the Young Women in Leadership and Mentorship Programme are encouraged to follow the link below;

Click here to Apply

Applicants are also required to prepare insightful articles (minimum 600 words) on the theme: Advancing Women’s Rights in Uganda to be submitted at the time of application. Articles can focus on the theme from a personal or organisational stand-point and will be developed for publication afterwards.

Deadline: 31st July 2019


3 thoughts on “The Young Women in Leadership and Mentorship Programme 2019

  1. Zawedde Alice Solome on Reply

    Zawedde Alice Solome is articulate, confident person who accepts challenges and working to solve them amicably and willing to work under organization guidelines. As yet to be graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Computing. I am good on working with others to achieve certain objectives on time and with excellence basing on projects involved in during my study period.

  2. Longole Hannah on Reply

    I would like to be part of the young women in leadership, aged 37 and having journalist background and a karamojong.
    i founded a Cultural center in moroto in 2018 and further worked across-boarders promoting women initiatives through photography and use social media platforms to broadcast their way of life.
    About Ateker Cultural Center Karamoja (ACCK)
    Ateker Cultural Center Karamoja (ACCK) was upgraded to a local indigenous cultural organization in January 2019. It was founded and registered in Moroto, Uganda. ACCK is committed to broadcasting the Original Heritage of Ateker communities in the Horn of Africa among the Karamojong of Uganda, Turkana of Kenya, Toposa of South Sudan, Nyangatom of Ethiopia and other interested pastoral groups in Africa. The work of ACCK is focused on promoting the sharing and celebration of the pastoralist’s positive traditional values and cultures. It is focused on undertaking Media and Advocacy, ensuring sustainable use of natural resources, Socio-Cultural activities, art galleries, Exhibitions and the Museum; Conducting of excursions, advertising and recreational activities such as dances, food festivals, traditional events, film/photography, Museums, Historical sites, Cultural festivals and cultural experience.
    Since its formation and subsequent registration in Moroto District in Karamoja Uganda, ACCK has been consulting the communities, local leaders and the sub county/ district administration on strengthening cultural institutions and creating a conducive to support communal resource sharing and cross-border relations through supporting documentation and participation. The success so far has been documentation and filming at the annual cultural events/ exhibitions and setting up a functional Cultural Centre in Moroto Town.

    ACCK Karamoja Vision
    A Vibrant center preserving, nurturing, celebrating and promoting the culture, pastoralists’ heritage, Livelihoods, Languages, History and harmonious living of all ATEKER people groups in the East and Horn of Africa through various organized and accepted communication channels.

    ACCK Karamoja Mission
    To work with all people groups of ATEKER in partnership with, modern and traditional institutions to reduce and eliminate all forms of territorial barriers, discrimination, security threats to enable ATEKER people groups to celebrate, build and share their cultural heritage and resources to enable them grow into a united, and progressive people group for improved peace and security within Uganda and the East African borders.

    ACCK, driven by its mission will seek to promote culture and dignity through dialogue whilst promoting sustainable use of shared resources for improvement of lives and livelihoods
    The challenge is that ACCK has insufficient resources; a part from members own contributions ACCK has not mobilized any donation to support these overwhelming initiatives. The Center has put in place internal control mechanisms that demonstrates value for money for members generated resources.

  3. Nakate Sehuve Stellah on Reply

    Ms. Nakate S Stellah is a passionate behavioral health counsellor aged 39 with extensive and profound experience in leadership clinical and behavioral research, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Girls and Young Women(AGYW) at high risks of forms of harm and currently Working with key populations, .Stellah cherishes documentation /behavioral change communication (oral, strategic networking, teamwork and partnership building, I have exceptional competence in communication skills technique that nurture movement building and advocating for good practices, universal access to quality health services and a support environment of the sex work community
    Stellah possess a higher diploma in child/youth counselling from Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences and diploma in social development .

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