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The YC Startup School 2018 (Complete the Course to Receive $10K)

Y Combinator wants to lure more companies into the funnel for its accelerator while democratizing free access to startup knowledge. This is your chance to learn how to start a startup through the YC Startup School.

The YC Startup School

Recently, Y Combinator announced that their third year of the YC Startup School program will begin August 27, offering a 10-week set of lectures on how to build, grow and monetize a startup. More than 13,000 companies signed up last year, with 2,800 of the best receiving a YC alumni mentor, and 1,587 completing the program with an online Demo Day. It proved a powerful feeder, leading to 38 being admitted to YC’s core accelerator program that charges 7 percent equity for $120,000 in funding. Those included patent law firm Cognition IP, customer feedback platform Thematic and internet service provider Necto.

YC Startup School

YC Startup School 2017’s participants came from around the world

But this year, YC is going to give 100 high-potential companies that complete the course a $10,000 grant for no equity in return. The cash comes from YC’s own bank account, filled from exits of its portfolio companies over the years and other revenue streams. These prizes could pique the interest of more founders around the world and keep them committed to following through with the self-directed learning.


Apply to the YC Startup School if:

  • You’ve started a company or will be starting a company soon.
  • You would like access to an Advisor, Group Office Hours, and the community.
  • You’re interested in receiving a $10,000 grant for your startup.

Membership in the course is limited. If you don’t make it into the course, you will still be able to audit the course and have full access to all the content.


  • Startup Network

Join a network of over 2880 founders across 140 countries. Find entrepreneurs near you and build meaningful connections.

  • Forum

Exclusive access to a forum of all Startup School founders. Get feedback, support, and help from the community.

  • Pitching

Learn how to tell your story to customers and investors. You’ll have the opportunity to share what you’re working on with the public.

  • Mentorship

Get direct access to advisors from Y Combinator. Participate in weekly group office hours and set goals for your company.

  • Exclusive Deals

Cut startup costs and get discounts from the best in the business (Stripe, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, and more).

  • Stay Alive

First-hand experience of how to keep your company going. Complete the course for a chance at $10k in funding.

How to Apply

Follow the link below to sign up for the YC Startup School 2018 program.

Click here to Register

The deadline to sign up is Aug 13th. The course will begin on Aug 27th and is completely free to attend.

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