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The Women in Africa Entrepreneurs’ Club 2019

Women in Africa Initiative has set up an endowment fund to promote, support and accelerate innovative enterprises run or managed by African women.

Women in Africa Initiative is a digital platform because Africa is an ultra-connected continent where women have been seizing digital technology for years to conquer their independence and develop their business.

Women in Africa Entrepreneurs' Club

They are also an initiative that organizes face-to-face meetings throughout the year because they are convinced that in an increasingly dematerialized world, human beings remain the cardinal value of effective action.

Women in Africa Entrepreneurs’ Club

In the third year, Women in Africa Initiative wants to reinforce the network and renew the delegation of women entrepreneurs of the African continent regrouping the 54 countries composing it.


The several benefits for the 54 selected entrepreneurs include:

  • Invitation to the International Annual Summit WIA in Marrakesh (June 27/28 2019): annual membership, reimbursement of travel, accommodation.
  • Unique visibility: Unique visibility from 500 delegates, including investors, top executives and media from all over the world plus visibility on Women in Africa print and web supports including website, WIA Mag, social media, press, offering key visibility.
  • High-level Networking: Business meetings organized during the WIA Club Annual Meeting in Marrakech and during all the events of the Club (Regional and Local meetings).
  • Special access to the WIA Link digital platform in order to exchange with each other and with international top executive. Real social network of entrepreneurs and exclusive club, all year long.
  • Mentoring: Mentoring for 1 year from large companies (depending from the fundings and sponsors).
  • Bootcamp: Access to a training bootcamp prior to the summit.
  • Scholarschips: Scholarships offered in partnerships with Honoris.


  • Must be a female entrepreneur
  • Must have created an innovating company
  • Are an African citizen

How to Apply

If you are eligible, create an account using the link below in order to apply and be part of the International Women In Africa Entrepreneurs’ Club.

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 15th February 2018

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