The WaziHub IoT and Big Data Bootcamp Uganda

The WaziHub is an innovation project for Africa aiming at creating an OpenHUB of Internet of Things(IoT) and Big data. Where IoT technology can then be adapted to match local service needs. Currently, different stakeholders are getting involved in active IoT projects on the ground in Africa. These stakeholders include industry members, universities, NGO, and Tech startups each contributing different strengths in capacity building.

WaziHub IoT and Big Data Bootcamp

The European Commission in partnership with WITU HUB is currently running a project called the WAZI HUB Open Hub innovation project in Africa and Uganda, in particular, they are looking at empowering women with training and capacity building up to a possible funding up to first market replication of their innovations centered around internet of Things and Big Data.

The WaziHub IoT and Big Data Bootcamp will be four days long and through those days, teams shall undergo training, coaching, and knowledge skilling from facilitators and trainers. The Trainers from the European Commission will guide applicants from the ideation process of their innovations throughout the cycle onto first market replication using IoT and Big data Technology.

The WaziHub IoT and Big Data Bootcamp addresses the following issues;

  1. Accessibility of the IOT technology promoting the concept of a smart village.
  2. Accessibility of process for startup creation and acceleration; through new business spins offs and start-offs
  3. Enabling stakeholders to more easily catalyze around valid, innovative services e.g.(business model, funding, partnerships, and first market replication).


The participants will be equipped with the following;

  • Knowledge and expertise in using the Internet of things and Big Data technology.
  • Using this Technologies to solve social economic problems surrounding our communities.
  • Selecting and showcase IoT entrepreneurs.
  • Training and development of IoT entrepreneurs
  • Growth hacking and unlocking finance for IoT entrepreneurs.

Through the WaziHub IoT and Big Data Bootcamp participants with guidance from trainers will be able to take a product from concept to prototype and to final production of “smart” products and services.

Event Date and Location

The WaziHub IoT and Big Data Bootcamp will be held at Hive Colab, Level 4, Kanjokya House, located on Plot 62, Kanjokya Street, Kamwokya and will run from November 12th to 15th, 2018, at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (EAT).

Entrance is absolutely FREE to all.

How to Attend

Interested? Follow the link below to register for a spot at the WaziHub IoT and Big Data Bootcamp.

Click Here

For more information, email irene.mutesi@witug.org; nanyonjojoviam@gmail.com or visit WITUG.org.

Deadline: 4th December, 2018


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