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The United Social Ventures Internship 2019

The United Social Ventures Internship program is an opportunity for youth to create the next big social ventures with the help of United.

United Social Ventures is creating a pipeline for youth-led social startups in Uganda to become more impactful, financially sustainable, and scalable, through their social design, incubation and acceleration programs.

The United Social Ventures Internship

Through volunteering for the United Social Ventures internship, applicants create the most equitable, effective, educational, enduring, and enjoyable international volunteering experience.

Participants in the internship are tasked to form team and design an innovative social venture over 12 weeks.

United Social Ventures

Most of the work involved in the creation is done independently as a team. For example; going into communities to learn, build, and implement sustainable solutions to the problem chosen. This is done with the aim to treat you like the adult social entrepreneurs United wants you to become.


  • Enjoy 50+ hours of workshops with 25 interns at ResilientAfrica Network (Kololo).
  • Co-found a social venture.
  • Receive weekly one-to-one tutorials with just your team, to help give you a framework through which to work.


  • Self-motivated, creative and critical thinker.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Able to commit to living in Kampala throughout the 12-week internship.

Please note: No stipends will be given for the internship.

How to Apply

Interested in the program? Follow the link below to apply.

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 30th March 2019


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