The UNICEF Uganda Innovation Fund Challenge 2021

Do you have an innovative idea or solution to improve the lives of children (especially those from marginalised communities) in Uganda? Join the UNICEF Uganda Innovation Fund Challenge with your innovative concept or offering.

UNICEF Uganda Innovation Fund Challenge

UNICEF Uganda is launching an Innovation Fund Challenge to deepen participatory practices in providing innovative solutions to national social policy challenges, with a view to transforming the local ecosystem by leveraging on the disruptive power of technology as a driver for inclusive and sustainable growth. The main objective is to provide innovative avenues to enhance UNICEF’s ability to achieve the outcomes outlined in the country programme document and the achievement of the SDGs.

Challenge Areas

  1. Enhance and improve child survival and development among newborns, children and adolescent boys and girls
  2. Improve access to basic education and adolescent development for girls and boys aged 3 – 19 to achieve appropriate learning outcomes
  3. Ensure that children in Uganda are free from all forms of violent abuse, neglect and exploitation – including harmful practices – and realise their right to legal identity


  • The Innovation Fund Challenge provide grant funding of up-to UGX 80 Million to further validate your concept or business.
  • Access to free technical assistance to realise or grow your business.
  • Access to mentors and expert coaches to provide tailored support.
  • Receive access to Outbox’s network to enable you to pilot or further validate your concept.
  • Receive grant funding of up-to UGX 80 Million to further validate your concept or business.


The initiative is open to:

  1. Founding teams of individuals that are above 18 years of age at the time of the application and who are nationals or resident in Uganda. The initiative will only accept teams of at least 2 founding individuals. A team of one founding individual will not be considered.
  2. The founding team should consist of participants who are Ugandan Citizen OR currently living or working in Uganda. Initial/pilot focus: Uganda. Clear prospects to scale beyond Uganda or the region highly desirable.
  3. All team members must be fully proficient in written and spoken English.
  4. The initiative requires founder participation. All founding team members must commit to participate in the initiative. Lack of commitment or active engagement will render the team or Innovation not eligible for the program.
  5. Innovators who either have an idea or an already existing business, which has been operational for less than two years and has not raised more than UGX 185 million in either grant, convertible grants, venture capital or Private Equity at the time of submission.
  6. Only applications submitted through the UNICEF Uganda Innovation Challenge Fund web portal will be eligible for consideration.
  7. Employees of UNICEF are eligible to apply to the initiative as they will not be involved in the selection process and management of this initiative.

How to Apply

Interested applicants for the UNICEF Uganda Innovation Fund Challenge are encouraged to follow the link below to apply;

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 7th February 2020


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