List of Ugandan e-Learning Platforms for Students

Today, there are thousands of paid and free e-learning platforms worldwide that can best help students cope with education while at home. With a special interest in Uganda, here are some of the e-learning platforms targeting Ugandan students;

1. Kolibri

Kolibri is a free-of-charge, and easy to use digital learning platform; with education content approved by the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC). It is aimed at empowering students with skills required to survive in this era of information technology.

The e-Learning platform’s content covers science and mathematics for only O-Level students, that’s from senior 1 to 4. Each topic is presented with illustrations; some of which are in video format. Kolibri will ensure that the students are occupied during the COVID-19 quarantine period until schools are re-opened.

Visit: e-learning.education.go.ug/

2. Gayaza High School eLearning Platform

Gayaza High School eLearning platform is an open-source website with learning materials. The school uploads free to access exercises, classroom notes, video tutorials, audio podcasts and resource links to it.

The subjects include; Mathematics, Sub Maths, Additional Maths, Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Christian Religious Education, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, English, Fine Art, Foods & Nutrition, French, General Sciences, Geography, German, History, Home Economics, Kiswahili, Literature In English, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Science.

Visit: etutoring.gayazahs.sc.ug/

3. Passuneb.com

Passuneb.com is an e-learning platform which started out as a repository of UNEB past papers for PLE, UCE and UACE (hence the name). Since 2014, Passuneb.com has assisted primary students, O’Level and A’Level students to pass their exams through revision of set questions along with their answers. Of late, the platform also provides an online self-test, and e-library, a virtual lab, career guidance, and current affairs.

Visit: passuneb.com

4. Exam Uganda

Exam Uganda is a simplistic barebone e-learning platform concentrating on the revision of exam papers. The platform offers three Science exams a piece in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The website contains examination questions for all levels of the Ugandan education system i.e. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and University Examinations. When a student attempts the questions she/he gets the answers immediately or thereafter. The questions are of various types which include but not limited to Single Choice, matrix, free choice, sorting choice, short answers, and fill in the blanks, assessment, and essay type.

Visit: www.examuganda.com

5. Walktrack Edu Platform

Walktrack Edu Platform provides free and open-source education resources for students and teachers alike. The platform is the brainchild of Emmanuel Angoda, a seasoned educator at Lira Town College and All Saints University Lango.

The education resources in question comprise secondary school and university study material but with a bias for secondary schools. These include classroom notes, Powerpoint presentations, Question & Answer booklets, short books, Computer studies and ICT files, and Past papers in UCE and UACE. As of University resources, you get a little of this and that in Degree, Diploma and Certificate courses.

Visit: edu.walktrackuganda.com

6. Yaaka Digital Learning Network

Yaaka Digital Learning Network is one of the most comprehensive repositories of Ugandan education resources. The courses encompass pre-primary, primary, O’Levels, A’Levels, Tertiary, University, Post Graduate, and Skills Development.

Whilst most course units are free and open-source, Yaaka monetizes some aspects of their platform. If you wish to download the audio podcasts and video tutorials, you are required to pay a modest sum. I consider this a fair deal. Yaaka has an ensemble of teachers creating all this content. A little compensation for their time and effort isn’t out of order. Institutions, teachers, and parents are welcome to jump on board.

Visit: www.yaaka.cc

7. Cyber School Technology Solutions

Cyber School Technology Solutions takes a different tact. Instead of being open-source, a school has to lease/hire the e-learning platform at an annual fee of UGX 100,000. Some of the schools on board include Nabisunsa, Gayaza, Makerere College to mention a few.

The core subjects comprise Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Visit: cyberschooltech.co.ug

8. Revise Now

As the name hints at, Revise Now is a treasure chest of past papers in PLE, UCE, and UACE going as far back as 30 years. All examinable subjects are included (apart from Fine Art) for your revision. Unfortunately, the correct answers don’t come with it. Luckily, as the revision is done at home, the student is expected to have their own study notes on hand.

Visit: www.revisenow.net



21 thoughts on “List of Ugandan e-Learning Platforms for Students

  1. lule on Reply

    All the listed Platforms apart from Gayaza have no Practical content. Please let people also know about http://www.schoolporto.com . I got this link through Whatsapp and it actually does what it says

    Primary revision test Questions And Notes Free for all Pupils

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    Secondary revision test Questions And Notes Free for all Students

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    A level revision test Questions And Notes Free for all Students

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    Notes: https://www.schoolporto.com/student-notes-62
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    Please Share With Every one Save our Children’s Education , Save Uganda’s Future

  2. Francis Maluak Maker on Reply

    dear, sir/ madam.

    can some One like me joint your online e-learning for form-4 level while out side Uganda, I am not Ugandan citizen and I am interesting to complete my secondary education in Uganda. I am south Sudanese by Nationality.


    Francis Maker

  3. RONALD on Reply


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