Incubation Support Initiative

The UCC Incubation Support Initiative Set To Finance ICT Startups

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is the government regulatory body of the communications sector in Uganda. Although owned by the Ugandan government, it acts independently. It’s mandated responsibilities include licensing, regulation, communications infrastructure development and the expansion of rural communications service.UCC has established the Incubation Support Initiative (ISI), a strategic mechanism to support and finance promising and emerging ICT startups and innovations in advancing communications services in Uganda.

The  Incubation Support Initiative is open to only Ugandans (individuals or organizations) with any of the following attributes:

  • An innovative concept that applies or seeks to develop broadcasting, postal or telecommunications services and which they wish to develop or scale up, OR
  • An innovative ICT incubator providing linkage of incubates to investors, customers, peer firms and specialized innovation organizations locally and/or internationally
  • Supportive infrastructure such as workspace, laboratory facilities, plant, and equipment

Incubation Support Initiative Eligibility

Funding will be made available on a competitive basis under the following specific categories:

  • Seed Funding: Financial assistance under this category will be provided to a maximum of US$15,000 towards the capital requirements to develop (validate, prototype, commercialize) or scale-up a creative concept that is related to the harnessing or development of broadcasting, postal, or telecommunications services.
  • Incubation Promotion subsidy: Funding under this category shall facilitate the provision of incubation services by an existing incubator to a maximum of US$4,500. Areas for which the subsidy may be given include a plant or equipment for use by incubates, development of laboratories, training facilities, and resources.

Selection Process

The proposals or applications for Incubation Support Initiative shall be evaluated and selected based on the merit of the institution or company in promoting or providing ICT incubation services for the incubation promotion subsidy and On the maturity, richness, and innovativeness of the innovation, concept and or proposal) for seed funding.

The evaluation and final selection of applications shall be done by the Commission’s appointed committee.  Only successful applicants shall be contacted within not more than 45 working days.

 The following criteria shall apply in the selection of applicants (both incubators and incubatees) for financial assistance by the Commission under the ISI initiative.


An Incubator applying for Incubation Support Initiative promotion subsidy MUST demonstrate the following:

  1. Legal existence: the applicant/incubator must either be: a registered legal entity in Uganda as per the Companies Act; a registered higher or further education institution; a licensed or registered company, licensed by a relevant authority (ies) in Uganda;
  2. Core business of the applicant/incubator: the applicant (incubator) must be operating in the country and the applicant’s initiatives must be directly relevant to the Commission’s mandate; Value for money: applicant/incubators must demonstrate value for money in utilizing the Commission resources in advancing high-quality incubation services in the sector, and; The applicant/incubator must be already operational in terms of already providing incubation services.
  3. The applicant/incubator must be already operational in terms of already providing incubation services.


An incubatee applying for seed funding MUST demonstrate the following:

  1. Innovation: concept or proposal must be with respect to Communication and must be innovative in nature;
  2. The concept and or proposal must be intended to address and existing challenge or problem within the communications sector and or intended to improve on existing solutions, products or services; Co-financing: the applicant shall be expected to demonstrate availability or access to additional finances required, and;
  3. Working with a group or a team with diverse skills, competencies, and experience.

The Commission will take the final decision to support any application(s) based on the recommendation of the committee and financial support for the successful applicants would be limited to a period of one year beyond which the applicant would be deemed to be self-sustainable. The Commission shall enter into an agreement with the successful applicants in respect to the financial support.

 Submission of Application

Applicants are required to complete the requisite Application form which should then be placed in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Application for UCC Incubation Support Initiative grant”. UCC is located at Plot 42-44, Spring Road, Bugolobi/P.O. Box 7376, Kampala Spring Rd, Kampala, Uganda. To download the application form, click on the link below;

Application Form, Click to Download

 Applications are to be submitted no later than July 24, 2017, at 5.00pm.


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