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This Is Uganda Short Film Competition 2020 (Win USD 10,000)

First-generation Ugandan-American actor, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine is launching a This Is Uganda short film competition to help discover and nurture the next generation of Ugandan filmmakers and Ugandan female directors in particular.

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine is one of Uganda’s most celebrated actors having featured in a number of Hollywood films and TV shows such as Blood Diamond (2006), 40 (2009), Queen Of Katwe (2016) and currently, The Chi.

This Is Uganda Short Film Competition

While he was in Uganda this past December, Ntare took time to meet with local filmmakers at both the Uganda National Cultural Centre and at the Ugandan Communications Centre (UCC). The “Talkback” was organised by the Screen Actors Guild Uganda in partnership with UCC and Uganda Tourism Board (UTB). Ntare was struck by the array of talents he met at both sessions and the hunger the artists all had to create new works in film.

Ntare’s meeting with filmmakers at the Uganda Communications Centre

In an effort to further incentivize these and other Ugandan filmmakers to tell their own stories he announced the creation of the “This Is Uganda Short Film Competition.” Ntare stated that eligible participants stand a chance to win $5000 for the Best Short Film and an additional $5000 for the Best Female Director.

Submitted films will be judged by:


You have 3 months to make a 5-minute short film inspired by the theme This is Uganda. Ugandan filmmakers that meet the following criteria are eligible to apply for This Is Uganda short film competition;

  • Ugandan nationality
  • Create any story large or small
  • Takes place in Uganda
  • 5-minute short film
  • The only limits are your imagination
  • Films can be in any Ugandan language. Films may also be in Swahili, English or a combination of the above. Kindly provide subtitles for dialogue that is not in English.

How to Submit

Films can be submitted by emailing a private link of your film to Do not post your film on any public websites until the competition is completed.

Deadline: 15th April 2020


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  1. Kasule Adams on Reply

    Thanks for everything but I have known this late and this lockdown thing but if you have pushed it please inform us.

  2. wamala william on Reply

    This is great. I’m a screen writer also having hopes so high. Wishing all the participants the best.

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