The Leader’s Forum (Purpose Driven Leadership)

Lead Minds Africa presents another edition of the Leader’s Forum, a networking space that brings together young people to learn, connect and grow while gaining skills, new perspectives, knowledge and inspiration to continue doing their work with better-renewed commitment and passion.

 Located at Plot 37, Acacia Avenue, Opposite Protea Hotel, Lead Minds is a Non-profit organisation whose vision is to nurture a movement of accountable leaders who will build, champion and drive Africa ahead beginning within their communities and beyond.

The Leaders Forum on Purpose Driven Leadership

Lead Minds Africa will on 6th July 2019 hold another edition of the Leaders Forum on Purpose Driven Leadership. The guest speaker at the event will be Roger Mugenyi, General Manager of Pulse Village Transport Limited who will share and lead a session on a Purpose Driven Leadership

Do you like to connect and develop networks with other people? Do you love learning and you passionate about becoming a leader and a person of influence? Do you have a vision and want to live a life of purpose as a transformational leader? Are you a kind of person who has an idea and you want to bring other people together to bring about change in your community? Make sure you attend the Leaders Forum

Event Date and Location

The Leaders Forum will be held at Plot 37, Acacia Avenue, Cornerstone Development Africa Opposite Protea Hotel John Babiha Road and will run from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (EAT) on 6th July 2019.

Entrance is absolutely FREE to all.


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