The D-Prize Challenge for Social Entrepreneurs 2020 ($20,000 Fund)

The world has already invented products and services to end poverty, yet the best is not being distributed at mass-scale. D-Prize is funding social entrepreneurs who can design a business or NGO that solves girl’s education, agriculture, energy, global health, education, governance or infrastructure.

D-Prize Challenge

D-Prize expands access to poverty-alleviation interventions in the developing world by funding new entrepreneurs who increase access to proven poverty interventions. The challenge encourages young entrepreneurs to focus their talent on the developing world, pilot new solutions to distribution problems, and launch new social ventures.

Many solutions to poverty already exist. The challenge is distributing these solutions to the people who need it most. Their programs produce new “distribution entrepreneurs” social entrepreneurs who start new ventures that distribute proven life-enhancing technologies to millions of people living in extreme poverty.

If selected D-Prize will award you up to $20,000 to launch a pilot in any region where extreme poverty exists.


  • Aspiring entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world, of any age, and any background.
  • Existing organizations only if: you are piloting a new distribution-focused initiative, and you need high-risk capital.

How to Apply

Click here to Download the Application Packet

Deadline: 22nd June 2020


4 thoughts on “The D-Prize Challenge for Social Entrepreneurs 2020 ($20,000 Fund)

  1. Heidi Lerner on Reply

    The lady that manages United Coalition for African Children Ministry has stayed in touch with me for years on Facebook. In these coronavirus times, they are in extreme need! The children need food and clothing! I am reaching out to see if we could get some support for them. They are a community-based organization and they are deeply needing.

    United Coalition for African Children Ministry
    Their address is PO Box 157 Iganga, Uganda.
    The lady’s name that runs the program is not Nakayega Maria
    Her phone number is 256701103684

    I repeat, the children need clothes and food!


    Heidi Lerner

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