Boundless Professionals

The Boundless Professionals Career Accelerator 2018

Are you a University student with an idea that you would like to turn into a business/organization? Would you like to gain work experience and build your networks through volunteer/internship placement? Are you looking for mentorship to grow your passion? Join the Boundless Professionals Career Accelerator!

Boundless Professionals

Thousands of young people end up unemployed after university because they lack mentorship to help them manage the school-to-work transition. The Boundless Professionals career accelerator program is designed to create sustainable employment and entrepreneurship pathways for young people through ideation training, work/service placement, and mentorship.

Boundless Minds, the team behind the program is redefining education through experiential learning, mentorship and community service placement for high school students/graduates and university students.


  • Must be an undergraduate university student (Kampala-based)
  • Must be able to commit 6 hours per week to training and mentorship activities for the duration of the program (6 months)
  • Must have a demonstrable history of volunteer/leadership/social service

How to Apply

Apply today to join this exciting training and mentorship network of 50 brilliant young leaders, creating community solutions, building entrepreneurship ideas and igniting their leadership journey.

Download, fill and send the application form to

Download the application form here

Deadline:  7th September 2018


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