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The Beer Garage Africa Innovation Challenge 2021

Beer Garage is one of the global innovation hubs at AB InBev with the objective of driving innovation by building a strong community of ecosystem stakeholders.

AB InBev is the world’s largest beer company with over 500+ brands and a dominant sales presence with over 6 million+ B2B customers (pubs, restaurants, retailers, etc.) in 100+ countries. At AB InBev, we are constantly innovating with the objective of bringing consumers and communities closer around the world to drive business growth.

The Beer Garage Africa Innovation Challenge

The Beer Garage Africa Innovation Challenge is a pan-Africa challenge to identify hi-tech, high potential startups and founders building innovative solutions across Africa. 

The team works with business units to find novel solutions for their business problems by leveraging the vibrant Fintech, Africa, and APAC startup ecosystems. At Beer Garage, innovation is the cornerstone to building a sustainable business that improves lives in communities across the world.

The multi-sector challenge will be open to startups across the following 5 themes:

  • Digital Sales: Provide technology with proven return on investment enabling Digital Sales, leveraging existing channels to find, engage and connect with prospective buyers along with building relationships on digital platforms, and converting it into offline sales.
  • Digital Supply Chain: Provide disruptive technology leveraging the existing Supply Chain suit (demand planning, asset management, warehouse management, transportation and logistics management, procurement, order fulfilment) that can drive better insights empowering stakeholder(s) in the chain in making better decisions
  • Sustainability: Focus on contributing progress toward the sustainability goals (Smart Agriculture, Water Stewardship, Circular Packaging, and Climate Action) where we can use our scale and partnerships to drive meaningful positive change.
  • 3P Lending: Provide working capital loans and business growth loans to SME businesses for improving their cash liquidity
  • Alternative Payments: Provide payment solutions that enable card payments, bank transfers, accept digital payments, and sell value add services


  • 3-week venture building: 10 high-potential founders will be selected for a 3-week venture building mentorship and
    leadership development Bootcamp, that will be delivered by successful founders, industry leaders,
    domain experts and investors; alongside leaders from AB InBev, and Hindsight Ventures’ global network.
  • International demo-day: The Venture Bootcamp will culminate with an international demo day, wherein the cohort will pitch to a global audience comprising investors and corporates. Prior to the demo day, the cohort will be ably coached by pitch coaches, to ensure that each pitch is succinct and conveys a compelling story.
  • Cash prizes: There’s USD 5,000 grant money at stake, and the cohort will be pitching for the same. In addition, we sincerely hope that the international demo day will attract venture investors to take a serious look at the cohort, and many will get investor interest.

How to Apply

Interested applicants for the Beer Garage Africa Innovation Challenge should follow the link below to register:

Click here to Register

Deadline: 3rd November 2021


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