The African Union Civic Tech Fund 2022 (For Civic Tech Initiatives)

The African Union Civic Tech Fund is a pan-African competition that aims to accelerate innovative civic tech initiatives that have the potential to lead to citizen-led transformative action across the African continent.

The Fund is a collaboration between two distinct initiatives: the Charter Project Africa and the African Union Civic Tech Fund, hosted by the African Union, managed by the European Partnership for Democracy and financially supported by GIZ.

The African Union Civic Tech Fund 

The Fund is a pan-African competition that aims to accelerate innovative civic tech initiatives that have the potential to lead to citizen-led transformative action across the African continent.

The fund’s purpose rests on the recognition that there is an acute need for meaningful participation by African citizens in addressing and solving governance and development challenges across the continent.

The overarching policy framework for the African Union Civic Tech Fund is Africa’s Agenda 2063 as well as other key policy documents associated with the African Union Shared Values agenda, such as the ACDEG or the African Youth Charter. Initiatives should therefore provide innovative solutions to solve problems of citizen participation, across a number of relevant areas:

  • Participation in public space & public discourse;
  • Electoral cycles and elections;
  • Rule of law & orderly transfers of power between governments;
  • Democratic culture and political pluralism;
  • Responsive, transparent and accountable governance;
  • Peace and security (where it impacts democratic governance);
  • Human, economic and sustainable development (where it impacts democratic


Prospective applicants need to pay close attention to the following eligibility criteria that determine whether they can be considered.


The Fund will focus on the provision of support to not-for-profit and for-profit organisations (e.g. social enterprises) acting within the civic space & the civic tech ecosystem Particular attention will be paid to digital solutions that benefit women and youths as target groups.

In short, the following eligibility criteria exists for recipients:

  • The organisation must be a legal entity;
  • The organisation must be registered in an African Union Member State;
  • The organisation must be able to sign a service contract agreement (as opposed to a grant contract agreement);
  • The organisation must not be bankrupt or being wound up nor having its affairs administered by the courts;
  • The organisation must not have received an adverse audit opinion, either by its own auditors or its donors’ auditors;
  • The organisation must have policies in place and/or practices in place to guarantee the ethical management of personal identifiable information;
  • The organisation must not have been the subject of a judgment for fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organisation or any other illegal activity.

In addition, recipients of the Fund must adhere to several (but not necessarily all) of the following high-level guiding principles:

  • The organisation’s activity is positioned to effect innovation, sustainable growth, and/or large-scale policy, behaviour, and systems change;
  • The organisation has an approach that fundamentally adopts a sustainable equilibrium to solve social and/or economic problems;
  • The organisation has local, regional and/or national partnerships in place to optimise its model and execute its mission on a larger scale;
  • The organisation has the capacity to expand in terms of ability to manage additional resources and the work associated with the expansion;
  • The organisation can already show evidence of the impact of their work and can indicate how additional resources will increase their impact;
  • The organisation can demonstrate how the intervention supported through the Fund will be sustained.

Geographic focus

The Fund will seek to provide funding and support in any African Union Member State within the limits of its capacity.

The Fund will not provide funding in any country which is under sanctions by the African Union at the time of investment.


The Fund will cover a global amount for each service contract, broken down in the necessary costs to deliver the agreed results. Such eligible types of costs include:

  • Staff costs and expert fees;
  • Travel and subsistence costs;
  • Purchase costs for equipment and/or software applications;
  • Costs of consumables;
  • Costs of service & supply contracts

Ineligible costs include:

  • Debts and service charges;
  • Provisions for losses, debts or potential future liabilities;
  • Purchases of land or buildings;
  • Currency exchange losses.


Aside from the financial support, the Fund will provide selected initiatives with additional technical support according to their identified needs.

In sum, the support package looks as follows:

Financial support

  • EUR 10 000 to EUR 20 000 per recipient.Technical support
  • Virtual inception/acceleration week (hosted by AfriLabs).
  • Provision of embedded technical expertise through the engagement of civic tech specialists.

Thematic support

  • Provision of thematic expertise on democracy support, African Union governance & continental policy-making.

Marketing, communication & showcasing support

  • Facilitation of access to decision-makers at the African Union level as well as the international development community.

Peer-to-peer learning & networking

  • Facilitation of exchange between recipients and other members of related civic tech ecosystems.

How to Apply

Please use the form in the link below to submit your proposal. Any submissions not done via this form will not be considered.

Click here to Submit

You will receive an email with a copy of your proposal after your submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us by email ( If you would like to prepare the proposal in a word document before submitting it through the present form, you are welcome to download and use the file available here:

Deadline: 16th January 2022


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