The Sustainable Food Media Fellowship 2020 (For Investigative Journalists)

Together with Hivos and IIED, Climate Tracker is happy to launch the Sustainable Food Media Fellowship to fund journalists from Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia to work on investigative reports!

Climate Tracker specialises in connecting with great young journalists all over the world. In 2017, we ran 18 different media campaigns, that varied from global to national level topics. These amazing writers published over 2000 articles in national media across more than 100 countries.

Their role is to highlight innovative narratives, train journalists to utilise new storytelling techniques, and offer great incentives for those who make an impact in national media.

The Sustainable Food Media Fellowship

The Sustainable Food Media Fellowship is looking for young journalists from Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia who want to write incredible stories about the production of food and access to sustainable diets in their home country. 

This will be a great opportunity for journalists to conduct important investigative reports and receive exclusive 4-weeks journalism training designed by Climate Tracker’s team. 

Through a unique partnership with HiVOS and IIED, they are now looking for amazing African journalists to join their training and receive funding to work on food stories in their countries. 

The chosen fellows will receive an investigative story grant to cover food issues back in their home country all mentored by the Climate Tracker Team!


For the Sustainable food media fellowship, your food story idea can focus on key challenges and/or innovations/solutions on any of the following themes: 

  • Food and nutrition security in the context of COVID-19
  • The nexus of Climate Change and its impact on Agriculture 
  • Agriculture and its Environmental footprint


  • As a fellow, you will be required to attend and fully participate in the 4 weeks journalism course as well as submit all assignments and homework associated with the course. 
  • Upon your completion of the course, you will then be asked to come up with a constructive pitch and work plan for a food story in your country. Climate Tracker will help you throughout this process. Once your pitch and work plan has been approved, you will enter an 8-weeks fellowship period where you will receive the grant and will have to work on your story. You will be required to update your Climate Tracker mentor with your progress on a weekly basis. 
  • As a fellow you are also expected to engage with other members in the team via our newly created Slack community, where Climate Tracker team will be sharing any useful information and stories. 

How to Apply

To apply for the Sustainable food media fellowship, submit the following:

  • Your CV (upload it to any online drive and share the link)
  • Samples of your previous work (preferably related to sustainable diets and agriculture topics) 
  • A pitch for a food story idea in your country
  • And this

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 26th June 2020


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  1. Joseph Turay on Reply

    When is the next application going to open?

    I’m asking because I just get to know about the fellowship and the deadline has already past. Please if there is any way for an extension, I would be grateful!


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