31 thoughts on “The Basics of How Stock Exchange Works in Uganda

  1. Denis on Reply

    Good work &Reliable info but we need a more approacheable platform where more details and business can be affirmed .Contact and blog reference sites to be precise.

    1. Marion on Reply

      Its very informative to anyone seeking brief knowledge about stocks and shares.
      Though i hope the people who have questions in the commentary section are actually responded to.

  2. ISABIRYE FRANK on Reply

    I have liked this information, and l would like to know more. Please let me have the phone number for the contact person so that I get more information. I am a Community Development Worker, and a Lecturer at Bugema University. When I properly grasp this information I will participate. After realizing how well it works, l hope to join in marketing the same venture to others. l wait to hear from you.



    This is so great a business to engage in. but I would like to have the contents of the professional brokers who can help to deal in this market arena. I have my small money that I would love to invest and Start earning some passive income.

  4. Natukunda Mercy on Reply

    Great piece, when are these companies advertised for the public to buy different shares in the available companies ?

  5. Stephen Bule on Reply

    At least give us the list and contacts of the licensed brokers. I and other interested parties will start from there

  6. Julius Masaba on Reply

    Responses below.

    To Collins, Evelyn, Shamim Kemigisha, Biragiro Roland, Muyinda Richard, Habat, Viola Nalwooga, Natukunda Mercy, Stephen Bulle: Some of the best companies to buy shares in are BATU, Stanbic, Umeme, Baroda, DFCU, New Vision Group, etc. You can just rank them yourself basing on profitability. Atleast those mentioned above are some of in the top 10. Stanbic has very high profitability, it made UGX206Bn in 2018, Baroda made UGX73Bn, DFCU made UGX62Bn, New Vision made UGX2Bn, Uganda Clays made UGX1.6Bn. But just know that the decision on which one to invest in depends on you. Every company has a different share price. You need to visit a stock broker like Crested Capital, Baroda Capital Markets, Equity Stock Brokers, Alliance Africa, etc. Starting amount for share trading is UGX100,000; start small then grow. Same from your salary and invest in shares monthly. Sacrifice.

    To Denis, Marion: Well more information can be got from Uganda Securities Exchange, Capital Markets Authority and any stock broker around town. Get a list of them from USE website.

    To Mary: About Cipla listing, I see it has just recently listed and its 1st year upon listing it shows loss in its Profit & Loss statement (it had no profitability). So first abandon it for now.

    To Isabirye Frank: Thanks Frank. You said you lecture at Busitema, which branch? I have a colleague (Ronald Emojong) teaching accounting at Busitema Pallisa and Tororo, brilliant guy. He could also help push such topics to students in class. It’s always good to give students out of class experience so that they can become dynamic as the world is always moving fast…especially business-wise. You can reach me on 0789962775 (whatsapp).

    To Wogooli Cornelius: Questions have been answered now.

    Let me hope I have helped.

    Business & Investment Researcher
    Business/Investment Advisor
    Investment Readiness & Finance Acquisition Practitioner
    Whatsapp 0789962775
    Email: jjjmasaba@gmail.com

  7. S.R. ISANGA on Reply

    Hello Julius,
    I would like to know the following:

    Limit order has a specified price when it is posted for execution while
    A market order does not have a specific price when posted for execution. Could you exemplify exactly how these two are executed?

    Investments are Liquid: meaning Shares and Bonds can be bought and sold anytime the market is open for trading. Could you throw more light on this? Give an example of how this happens

    Thank you

  8. Sarah on Reply

    Hello !
    I am Sarah very much interested in stock Exchange or buying shares in any of the profitable companies, do i need to undergo a particular training or i can just get the basic knowledge and begin the process.

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