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Startup With Google; All the Tools to Help your Company

Google launched Startup with Google, a new site that brings together all the company’s resources for founders and their startups. In one package, Google just provided proven tools, best practices, and access to a community of mentorship and support to anyone who wants it.

As the name implies, the focus here is on Google’s own tools, services, and initiatives (think everything from Firebase and Android Studio to Analytics and Google’s various cloud security tools), but the site also highlights accelerators and events sponsored by Google but run by third parties.

Startup With Google Features

  • Tools

Startup with Google avails you with close to 39 practical tools packaged into categories like Build a ProductIncrease ProductivityGet Insights and AnalyticsMonetize your Products, and more. Some of these tools include AdMobData StudioFirebaseG SuiteGoogle Trends, and Webmaster Guide.


  • Best Practices

Besides matching your startup needs with a corresponding Google product, the page also links startup-relevant articles and topics from it’s re: Work project.

Listed under the page’s ‘Best Practices’ tab, Google has also categorized its other resources that might help startups better hire the right people, grow revenue, raise funds, understand their customers, among others.

But if you’re a strong, independent startup who don’t need any hand-holding from Google, you can easily click on ‘View All’ on both Tools and Best Practices to just jump straight into the resources you want. No need for you to go through what Google thinks you might use the resource for.

Besides listing out more tools and helpful articles, this resource also lists out any videos on YouTube that might help. My own little exploration of the Grow Revenue tab showcased a few, two of which are one of the experts sharing tips on revenue growth, and “Watch Google Demo Day 2017”.

best practices

  • Community

News about Google accelerators which help get startups to where they’re headed faster would be parked here, so an opportunistic startup player might find something interesting if they keep an eye out. The main purpose of the community is to mentor and support you at every stage. Google runs and partners with leading coworking spaces, accelerator programs, and events to help startups to what they do best. The community also informs you on upcoming startup programs and events you might be interested in.

While innovation inherently requires living with uncertainty, Google just gave the startup community a bit more predictability, at least when it comes to knowing some of the steps to apply during the process of changing the world.

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