Startup Hubs Empowering Youth in Uganda

With a population continuing to grow above 3 percent and 78 percent of it aged below 35, the high number of young people demands stronger development focus particularly with regard to employment opportunities. A number of significant startup hubs have stepped up to offer working space, networking, and entrepreneurial support to young people with brilliant ideas/innovations.

Innovation Village

The Village is a destination for startup ideas. With a purpose to deliberately grow innovation by putting in place a platform that challenges the assumption, ignites thought and questions status quo. Through entrepreneurship and innovation, it seeks to assume major responsibility for the economic, social and cultural vitality of the communities.

How is this achieved;

  1. Innovation village has a MOONSHOT factory designed to be a tech Launchpad for various startup firms leveraged on a sharing economy.
  2. A bureau to extend the boundaries of research and knowledge within critical growth sectors.
  3. A challenge-driven accelerator to build Uganda’s biggest creative playground by getting startup firms to focus on our biggest challenges

Innovation Village is a destination where every IDEA counts as a driver for social economic transformation. Join the #Innorevolution today.

Contact Details 

Location: Ntinda Complex Block B 3rd Floor, Kampala Uganda, Kampala, Uganda


Outbox Hub

Outbox Hub helps new and upcoming startup and Ugandan entrepreneurs interested in using technology to build high-growth companies with workspace, mentorship, and training programs. Through partnerships, it helps them raise money for their ventures and access markets. Outbox Hub also works with students, developers, researchers, and organizations to build inclusive communities that entrepreneurs can tap into for talent and collaboration.

Its mission is to provide the entrepreneurship, innovation and technology infrastructure that supports African entrepreneurs through the growth of inclusive communities that foster talent and create value where we operate.

Outbox Hub strongly believes that the use of technology in various disciplines presents a great start to alleviating the endemic youth unemployment problem.  Within that context, it’s dedicated to building an infrastructure that will effectively support the youth to easily get started. Outbox is a hybrid of an incubator, innovation lab, and co-working space.

Contact Details

Location: 4th Floor – Soliz House Plot 23 Lumumba Ave Kampala

Phone: + 256 752 624 006

Hive Colab

Dedicated to growing startup firms to tackle Africa’s growing digital economies, Hive Colab incubates companies and startups critical to Uganda’s technology ecosystem. It focuses on technology verticals that are considered cornerstones to the country’s emerging digital economies: financial technologies, medical technologies, educational technologies, agricultural technologies, and technology for governance.

One of the unique features it has is the Hive Colab University acceleration program. Finding jobs immediately after Campus can be daunting. Rather than just coming up with a brilliant idea to help you achieve your Degree, the Hive Colab University acceleration program helps you turn your idea into a business.

Contact Details

Location; 4th Floor, Kanjokya House, Plot 90, Kanjokya Street Kampala, Uganda

Phone: +256 (0)392 177 978

Design Hub Kampala

With the main focus on creative designers, Design Hub Kampala is a new creative co-working and maker space, formerly known as The Hub Kampala.

The Design Hub aims to enlarge the visibility of the creative sector by creating a network of creative thinkers, makers, designers, producers and startup firms. With Design Hub Kampala the aim is to demonstrate the added value of design, create business opportunities and strengthen the commercial value of the creative sector.

Contact Details

Location: Fifth Street, Industrial Area Kampala, Uganda

Phone: 0774 779925


Tech-Buzz Hub

Tech-Buzz Hub is a business and technology hub focusing on the collaborative working environment, youth capacity building and development.

The Technology and Business development hub aims at bridging the incubation gap in the country. It’s also a center that identifies organized passionate startup firms then extends business development services such as; virtual and physical mentorship, convenient incubation space, associated networking services, training, and seminars, among other services.

Contact Details

Location:  5th Floor, Najim Mall, Kigobe Road, Ntinda, Kampala Uganda.

Phone: +256702799754 | 0392138358 | 0781405551


The Mawazo Innovation Hub

The Mawazo Innovation Hub, a division of NFT Consult, was established to support emerging Next Generation ICT businesses through accelerated technology commercialization. The Mawazo Innovation Hub has created a unique space for high-tech entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and venture capitalists to meet, network and collectively work towards growing the Ugandan economy through innovation. It’s value-adding business support services contribute to the growth and globalization of technology-rich enterprises in an environment that promotes innovation and enhances competitiveness for knowledge-based The close proximity of the Mawazo Innovation Hub to Makerere University Kampala, Uganda’s largest institution of higher learning, has positioned it to provide value-added services to the academics and researchers and emerging high-tech entrepreneurs from the University.

Contact Details

Location:  Plot 593 block 28, Off Mugazi Awongererwa Rd
P.O.Box 26411.Makerere Kampala | Uganda
“>Phone: +256 (0) 414 237 904


The WITU HUB is a women founders development hub that catalyzes women-run startup firms and offers invaluable guidance through leadership training, business development, technical advice, consulting, mentoring, network connections, access to markets and investors. It runs a 12-week accelerator program and incubation of women who want to be leaders and powerful entrepreneurs with successful businesses within Africa.

Contact Details

Location: Plot 18 Kanjokya Street

Phone: +(256) 392177980


We managed to draft some of the significant hubs in Uganda supporting youth, however, various hubs and incubators in Uganda are growing on an almost weekly basis which is a great opportunity for many youths today looking to venture in entrepreneurship, creative design or innovation. The Space Hub is also another one to look out for even if it’s new at the moment with little information known.


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