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Start Your Startup Program 2021

Start Your Startup program gives foundational knowledge, skills, and tools required for an entrepreneur to start their business, and grow the chances of survival for their very early startup.

Entrepreneurs play an essential role in our socio-economic transformation by producing products and services required by their community, creating employment, and increasing the tax base. With a scarcity of job opportunities for some, the most dependable way of getting a job is through developing their own enterprises. 

Start Your Startup Program

The Start Your Startup program is an initiative of the Innovation Village supported by Mastercard Foundation under their Young Africa Works strategy to create 3 million jobs in Uganda.

From the Innovation Village’s interaction with the youth in its communities, they found that most are uncertain how to start off in entrepreneurship.

They are presenting the youth with first-class solutions and tools to the above questions and more so that they can acquire foundational knowledge in entrepreneurship and substantially grow the possibility of founding and growing their businesses.

Program Focus Areas

The Start Your Startup program covers the following:

  • Introduction to Uganda Entrepreneurship landscape
  • Getting Startup Ideas
  • Evaluating Startup Ideas
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Mistakes Founders Make
  • Resources for Starting Your Business
  • Considerations for having co-founders

Eligibility Criteria

Youth who want solutions to the following questions:

  • What does it take to start my own business?
  • How do I learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship?
  • How do I start my small business?
  • How do I turn my idea into a business?
  • How do I increase the chances of succeeding with my small business?

How to Apply

As you start out on your entrepreneurship journey, there is no need to go through extra than necessary by trying to reinvent the wheel where best practice can be quickly learnt and adopted.

Grow your chance of succeeding with your idea or startup by getting to know the business foundation essential presented in the Start Your Startup program.

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