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How To Start Your Fashion Career

Choosing to join the fashion industry may be one of the most intimidating steps to take. It’s an extremely competitive world where the cool creatives and well-connected collectors have to work together to keep up with rapidly changing trends and a challenging audience. That being said, fashion careers can be fascinating to young people whose love for the fashion industry is only paralleled by their determination to leave their mark on it. In this article, you’ll learn how to take your fashion career from dream to reality.

Ask Yourself: Do I Have What It Takes?

Does your personality type match that of someone who would succeed in the fashion industry? Those in the fashion industry need to be creative, good with networking, able to solve problems and have a thick skin in this overly competitive market. Keep in mind this is your future at hand and once you take the wrong step, it’s a dead-end and wastage of your time.

Choose An Area Of Focus

 The Fashion industry in Uganda is majorly filled with popular stylists and collectors who practically hold the biggest percentage of the market. Therefore, you should build focused experience on the area you’re interested in and make it your point to handle this specific area only. Do your research and study what unique aspect your product is bringing to the industry.

Get Work Experience

If you’ve had no professional training or experience in the world of fashion, you’ll most likely need some type of schooling. Whether you believe you’re ready to go into the industry or use what you have, you should visit a fashion school or intern at a fashion store to see what they have to offer. Plan a meeting with someone in the appropriate department.  Even if you never take a class there, you’ll have met someone in the industry. Make sure to ask questions and remember, the more direct the better. Connecting with a person can be more valuable than your research. A real person with the experience in Uganda’s fashion will be able to share their personal experiences and other advice. Prepare your questions before the visit and get contact information for any follow-up questions that will arise after you leave.

Create A Social Media Presence

When it comes to the fashion industry today, the most important place you can be is online. Use social media to the max and keep tabs on fashion platforms both in Uganda and abroad. Make a habit of checking these pages regularly, and learn something or two about how they push their products nad how they reach out to their audience. Also while at this, don’t forget about the old ways of networking. Be open with people about your fashion area of focus. You never know what type of bizarre connections people have.

Create A Portfolio

Your work has to speak for you, take time off to craft amazing pieces that you believe are outstanding. Your portfolio is your mouthpiece. Showcase work that details all of your capabilities while simultaneously expressing your personality. Google or borrow someone else’s portfolio to make sure yours meets industry standards to boost your fashion career. Physically present your portfolio to fashion mentors or teachers to seek approval on what to adjust or perfect. In the case of need for improvement, don’t get angry or disappointed, take the advice and perfect where necessary. If all goes well with a positive response, that’s your go ahead.

Launch Your Fashion Career

When you’re starting out, it’s great to work somewhere with a small team. There’s no wrong in starting small with the tools you have available. In your quest to reach your dreams you’ll definitely get tired along the way. During those times take a break to remind yourself of your end goal. Visualize yourself where you want to take your fashion career and if you’re not there yet, it’s time to go at it again.

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