Practical Solutions to Fight Youth Unemployment

The rampant unemployment in the country cannot be ignored, it’s now a trend for youths to complain about the lack of jobs, what to do, how to start an income generating activity or to even acquire the necessary skill to find ways of uplifting their standards of living.

According to recent findings by International Labor Organization, Africa has the youngest population of about 75% being unemployed youth. In Uganda however, just a handful of young people below the age of 30 years are below the poverty line of not being able to spend UGX 3,600/- a day.

Nevertheless, to fight the rampant unemployment in Uganda today, one has to acquire skills, get knowledge of the venture and as well use his or her talents. Here are some practical ways how you can escape today’s ‘jobless brotherhood’

  1. Exploit your talents.

Everyone is created with a special gift which makes them unique. Be it football, singing, comedy, art, dancing mention it. Many people reap millions from using their talents, just start small, set up your own stall or place of work and showcase what you have to the public. Remember to do it with a passion. Once an opportunity knocks at your door, grab it with both hands.

  1. Don’t neglect the ‘dirty’ jobs

Many youths want office work or some kind of white collar jobs yet the like are very few. Why not venture into these income generating activities that other people neglect? For example, many youths enjoy eating Rolex, but how many do mind to set up their own Rolex stands? Every job is a job so long as you earn a living from it. Stop despising jobs and listening to onlookers, just do what you do and do it with a passion this way you’ll avoid unemployment.

  1. Make use of online platforms to market yourself

Start something small, use the social media to market yourself and make it known to the public. Consider starting an online advertisement to reach a wider audience. Don’t forget to showcase what you have to people out there. Discuss your ideas of what you are setting up with trusted friends and convince them to believe that your idea is good together to avoid unemployment.

  1. Acquire the necessary skill

Once you have an opportunity to run any small business, you must acquire more skills and knowledge about the business either through research or other plat forms so as to enable you out-compete other competitors in the field.

  1. Avail yourself with funds. Develop a saving culture.

The government has availed many funds to help youths out of poverty like the youth funds. Consider getting a loan to set up a business. Loan money is NOT your money so use it carefully remembering that you will return it. No money is little to start a business, start by buying the most important tools for running your business.

In conclusion, when you want to start, don’t wait for tomorrow, start today by saving the little you have for tomorrow. Before starting a business, ask the people who have been there for advice and help. The knowledge they will give you will help you run your own business.

Be able to predict the future demands and what the buyers or audience wants.

Invest in social life because the social business is what everyone wants especially in the entertainment industry.   Lastly, be different and think out of the box, start and invest where others have not yet dug. Be unique and do market research in orders to know the demands of the public you plan to sell your items or ideas to.


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