How Social Media Is Keeping Us Depressed

The Balance Between The Online and Offline Worlds

Imagine this.

You are in a meeting where the speaker is really interesting and the topic is very much relevant. Still, you feel an impulsive urge to take a quick glimpse of your cellphone over listening to the speaker.

It has happened with me, and I won’t be surprised if I see many more hands going up!

Communication has always been a basic human need.

Getting response is the most addictive feeling.

Trust me (or trust the video and the man speaking), getting ‘likes’ on your Insta post or being replied back for a text message releases Dopamine, the ‘happiness- trigger’ hormone, found in other addictive substances like Nicotine!

This keeps us hooked on to get more likes compared to a friend we are secretly jealous of. Getting more ‘likes’ feels like a social accomplishment — As if we are the star in limelight.

It has addicted us youth to an extent that we often prefer virtual online friends over the real offline ones.

And then we call ourselves social?

Excuse me, but 1000 friends on Facebook doesn’t make us social.

It’s that group of 2 or 4 readily available ones, whom you can speak out your heart, and hang out when you feel low.

For me, it’s the worst kind of experience, when am with my buddy and find her catching up with her phone intermittently.

Talking face to face with my best friend can keep me feeling refreshed for at least 50–60 days. Yes, such is the impact of a deep soulful conversation with a beloved.

I know I am social when I don’t feel the pangs to check my phone while with friends.

And it really is this handful that count!

Not the umpteen ones who upvoted your updated profile picture this morning.

Understand this,

The social media is just presenting to us a malfigured dimension of the world where ‘everyone’ has accomplished their life and made it, Except YOU.

The smiling faces, the celebrations, happy solos will will only keep the gloom kindled within you!

We won’t cease comparing our lives.

What Can Be Done:

  1. I prefer to keep unwanted app notifications off

2. My Whatsapp messages are for my convenience, I will check them out eventually when am free. They need not ping and create unnoticed inconvenience!

3. I keep the phone charger in the living room space, not in my bedroom

4. Do not free yourself to social network. Use social network when you are free

5. I Keep my internet connection off and my phone on silent mode(unless emergency) while I sleep

6. You have no escape for not keeping the phone by your pillow. Did you say alarm? Well, get back to buying the alarm clock!! (Irrelevant one for me, my mom wakes me up 😉 )

7. When in the middle of some work (no matter more important or less), keep only the call ringer enabled.

Story by Nupoor Raj

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