10 Programs that are Providing Skills to Youth in Uganda

World Youth Skills Day is a special day to advocate for skills as an important factor to improve young people’s transitions to decent work and to highlight the crucial role of skilled youth in addressing today’s most challenging global issues.

The United Nations, at its General Assembly in November 2014, declared 15th of every July as World Youth Skills Day. Hire the Youth is proud to be part of global recognition and promotion of skills. We believe skills do change the lives of many young people today. And that is why, for this year’s celebrations, we decided to profile some of the programs that are availing skills to young people in Uganda.

Check out the list below;


Andela in Uganda enrols interested young people from any educational background and trains them into competitive software developers, at no cost.

Over the years, Andela has managed to identify, invest and hire close to a thousand of Africa’s most talented software engineers from over 100,000 applications. In Uganda, Andela developers work as full-time distributed team members from the Kamwokya-based offices with partner companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies including Viacom to high-growth tech startups like Gusto and Github.

Visit www.andela.com for more

The Peer Educators Academy

Peer Educators Academy is an informative fellowship programme developed by Reach a Hand to equip young people in and out of school between the ages of 17-24 years with information and skills on Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) to support their peers.

Through the Academy, young people develop transferable work-related skills such as communication and presentations skills, advising, counselling, leadership and teamwork experience among others. Through the multiplier effect, Reach a Hand believes that these young people will transfer these skills to other young people to help one another make informed life choices.

Visit reachahand.org/program/pea/

Kafeero Foundation

Kafeero Foundation is a social enterprise whose sole purpose is to inspire individuals and economies to grow through innovation.

Through their partnerships with different tech multinationals, Kafeero Foundation aspires to skill at least 40,000 Africans every year with free digital and web literacy skills tailored to help them start sustainable businesses.

Visit kafeero.org/

Boundless Minds

Boundless Minds is redefining education through experiential learning, mentorship and community service placement for high school students/graduates and university students.

Through project-based learning. mentorships and volunteer placements, trainees interface with and learn how to solve community challenges; build civic and social awareness; character development.

Visit boundless-minds.org/


UpSkill is inspired by the population dividend and the fact that practical learning opportunities available to students pursuing higher education in Uganda range from minimal to non-existent. As such, 300,000 graduates leaving the University system every year find themselves increasingly unprepared for white & blue collar employment, which is adapting faster due to advancements in technology.

Through UpSkill, Innovation Village wants to reskill 1000 fellows by 2021 in the fields of software development, product design, data analysis, social entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, project management, business finance, operations, and the creative arts and deploy 500 fellows on projects.

Visit Upskill

Digicon Academy

The DigiCon Academy is a digital certification program designed to get young professionals hired in today’s digital job market. The Academy gets young people ready with an understanding of the full digital marketing ecosystem, from content strategy to paid advertising and analytics.

DigiCon Academy partnered with some of the digital industry’s best leaders WebgrowthMoz, and Google to provide expert review and recommendations, ensuring that students learn up to date digital skills, core competencies and knowledge needed to thrive in their digital careers.

Visit digicon.academy/

Support to Skilling Uganda (SSU) 

Support to Skilling Uganda (SSU) is a joint intervention between Enabel in Uganda and the Ministry of Education and Sports. The project supports the implementation of the “Skilling Uganda” strategy aimed at making skills development in Uganda more demand driven by linking Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) with the world of work to increase youth employability.

SSU covers three regions of Uganda; Karamoja, Albertine/ Rwenzori and Northern Uganda. The Karamoja component is funded by Irish Aid and supports the relevant skills development of Karamojong youth especially girls.

Visit www.enabel.be/content/enabel-uganda

Media Challenge Initiative

The Media Challenge Initiative is a media space created with the aim of providing media students with a platform to get hands-on practice through training, mentorship and experiential peer to peer learning.

The program provides a practical experience targeting the mind, body and soul, aiming at producing an all-around market fitting journalist. The program’s tailored practical workshops include radio presentation/production, TV presentation/production, photography, social media and confidence building.

Visit www.mciug.org/

AFFCAD (Education and Economic Programs)

Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) is a youth-led nonprofit organization founded to transform living conditions in Kampala’s poorest slum areas by empowering the children, youth and young women through education, health, and economic empowerment programs.

AFFCAD’s Youth economic empowerment program provide employable skills, incentives, mentorship and connections that enable disadvantaged youth in Kampala’s slums to transit from lives of crime and poverty to lives of productive occupation. As part of the program, youth and women are equipped with vocational, entrepreneurial, financial literacy, soft and hard skills for career and professional development.

Visit www.affcad.org/

The UPPA Mentorship Program

The Emerging Photographer Mentorship Programme was developed to boost Uganda’s young photography talents through the Young Photographer Award (YPA), which was established in 2016. Uganda Press Photo Award welcomes young, early-career photographers between 18 and 25 years old who are interested in documentary photography, but lack the tools and guidance to develop their photography careers.

Through this programme, their skills, knowledge and perspectives are expanded under the counsel of professional photographers for 7 months.

Visit www.ugandapressphoto.org/


4 thoughts on “10 Programs that are Providing Skills to Youth in Uganda

  1. Namugerwa Shamim on Reply

    Uganda is one Nation that carries lots of targeted young people with innovation
    skills and Enterprises,we have not yet started we are yet to put our minds on the ground.
    if only the we stick to building what we establish and give it our best,the sky shall not be our limits.

  2. ADRIAN MUGERWA on Reply

    Thanks a lot to all the above foundations and NGOs that are empowering the Ugandan Youth with vast practical skills. Practical skill set is what Uganda needs now. A plead to Government to support them and work with them to for a better Uganda.

  3. ADRIAN MUGERWA on Reply

    Thanks a lot to all the above foundations and NGOs that are empowering the Ugandan Youth with vast practical skills. Practical skill set is what Uganda needs now. A plead to Government to support them and work with them to for a better Uganda. LOVE UGANDA BUILD UGANDA.

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