10 Reasons Why Youth Should Consider Self-Employment

Today, unemployment and underemployment issues sit comfortably at the top of the agenda of Uganda’s political and economic discourse. Thousands of young people graduate from educational institutions every year and are faced by the same challenge, favorable employment opportunities. Very few are quick to think about self-employment due to the common belief that its more difficult for young people than adults to engage in business. However, this post is intended to encourage young people know the merits earned from being self-employed today:

  1. You’re your own Boss. This is  everyone’s dream when it comes to employment. Being your own boss would mean you will not have to deal with difficult employers, who dictate and tell you to do everything. Remember the goal in life is to live happy and not under pressure all the time.
  2. Work from anywhere. Got no working space, worry not. Today there are many start-up hubs around town offering space for a workable rate. Another option could be working from home. This means you will not have to worry about being late for work or get stuck in a traffic jam to commute to work everyday. Additionally, self-employment offers you the comfort and flexibility of managing both professional and personal needs.
  3. Less expenses. Working for yourself means you can manage your own salary. Even better, your income won’t get reduced by additional expenses, such as transport costs.
  4. No need for uniform. You don’t get to wear the  branded uniform head to toe everyday. Being able to work wherever you want, allows you the comfort of stepping out in jeans and moccasins or crafts without being bothered about sticking to a formal dress code. You are only required to dress up in formal professional attire when meeting clients face-to-face. Apart from which, you are free to choose anything you are comfortable donning.
  5. Custom work schedule. You have the powers to set your own working schedule, which means you don’t have to deal with routine and tedious agenda. Not forgetting the awful early Monday meetings.
  6. Choose your own clients. When you are an employee, you are obliged to serve the type of clients/customers you particularly dislike, but those who continue to be patrons of your employer brand. Sometimes you are also required to deal with dissatisfied clients or customers, who tend to burden you with additional responsibilities beyond your job scope. However, when you decide to go self-employed, you can choose your own clients that suit your working style and preferences.
  7. No work drama. Some people find it easier to concentrate in solitude and silence. If you belong to this kind of personality type, then being self-employed is a great alternative. You don’t have to be distracted by co-worker drama or gossips.
  8. Polishes your creativity. When you’re self-employed, you’re forced to think — to be creative — and this is good for your business.It’s also a great feeling to know that your skills are being put to good use and that those skills are going to continue to grow as your business grows.
  9. Take any day off. Feeling under the weather?, No problem, you can take the day off. When you’re self-employed, you get to choose which day to work or not depending on your mood and situation.
  10. Your work area is truly yours.Want dual monitors instead of one? Go ahead. Prefer a standing desk? Knock yourself out. And framed photos of your friends and family? The more the merrier! You can set-up your work space to your heart’s content. So put up that poster you found online, get in the habit of pizza hours.

So there you have it, self-employment can be this awesome once you set your heart to it, however when the stress of everyday life starts to wear thin on you, it can be hard to remember how amazing your life — your business — really is. You may even consider giving it all up from time to time. Always remember, thousands of young people are out looking for jobs and what you have right there is a blessing, treasure it.

If that doesn’t work, just come back here. I’ll remind you.


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