You Don’t Need to Rush Just to Get to Your Destination

Each morning, there is a popular quote I wake up to, this is a quote I crammed years ago when strokes of a cane drifted me out of my deep slumber in the wee hours of the morning since granny never wanted her boys to sleep past the sunrise. “My child, don’t rush, you have to see the sunrise,” as she always backed up the caining.

Everyone is in a rush, like they are trying to get to the moon so fast. Many people are rushing into situations head fast forgetting the common saying, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

I agree the world is suddenly fast rotating, we need things in real time, everything seems to be against us but let’s not forget to fasten our sails.

‘To be at peace with ourselves and take pleasure in life, we have to quit hurrying continuously. Individuals dash to arrive at the next circumstance that has virtually no genuine meaning for them, or that they truly don’t even wish to participate in. Urgency is the  tempo of the twenty-first century; hurrying has turned into an ailment of really dangerous levels.’

Stop rushing to conclusions, stop running into relationships. Everything rushed quickly comes to a stop. Treat your startup like a baby, it takes nine months to produce this baby, then another 3 years to hear the kid’s first proper words.

Don’t rush the process, don’t trust it either but go with the flow. I am not saying that you should let luck fly by as you sail on. Don’t rush, there is a great success in knowing where you are going than in going nowhere too fast.


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