Resilience Fellowship

The Resilience Fellowship 2020

The Resilience Fellowship has been launched to build a platform for cross-sectoral, global, and interdisciplinary collaboration between civil society actors, human-rights activists, journalists, artists, scholars, policymakers, grassroots community leaders, and others working to counter the effects of organized crime.

The Fellowship program will provide support and opportunities to a cohort of individuals from around the world. Each year a chosen theme will focus on a global issue, on which Resilience Fellows will collaborate on finding new perspectives and responses, drawn from their diverse – yet shared – experiences.

Resilience Fellowship 2020

For 2020, the theme of the Resilience Fellowship is: “Disappearances Related to Organized Crime”. Within this framework Fellows will be asked to combine their various perspectives in the development of collaborative outputs, as well as to represent the Fund as “Resilience Fund Ambassadors,” who will raise awareness of the theme, issues, and the importance of civil society in countering organized crime.

Disappearances have been used to politically or criminally repress opponents and those who speak and act against human rights abuses. This global issue is prevalent around the world, making it a relevant and extremely important theme to many potential Fellows.

Working areas of potential Resilience Fellows can include but are not limited to:

  • Killings by organized crime groups, for example in Mexico and Central America, and the state’s role in extrajudicial killings in the drug war in thePhilippines.
  • Missing migrants travelling from Africa to Europe, such as in Libya, the Horn of Africa or the Sahel.
  • Human trafficking and harvesting of human organs.
  • Arbitrary and unaccountable detentions.


The Resilience Fellowship is based on a three-pronged approach:

  • Sponsorship: Providing financial support so that Resilience Fellows will have the time and resources for their individual work and a collaborative project during the fellowship year. Grants of USD $15 000 per Fellow will be awarded for one year.
  • Networking: Offering mentorship opportunities with experts from GI-TOC, as well as bringing Resilience Fellows together via a residency retreat to begin the collaborative project to be undertaken during their fellowship year.
  • Dissemination: Creating a platform for Resilience Fellows to publicly share their work and ideas — via such venues as festivals, conferences, civil society forums, and national and international publications — which will widen public discourse, deepen engagement with society, and invite the support and participation from the general public and, ultimately, policymakers.

The fellowship welcomes applications from individuals of any gender, ethnicity, age, religion, or any other defining factor, who work in communities affected by organized crime.

How to Apply

Please complete the following online form if you wish to apply to the Resilience Fellowship 2020.

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Deadline: 15th November 2019


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