The Refactory Accelerated Learning Certificate Program 2019

Tech companies in Uganda are struggling to hire developers who have the competence the industry demands. Refactory was created by and for the industry to fill this “skills gap“. Do you want to work in tech? Refactory is the blueprint for what Ugandan tech companies look for when they hire developers.

About Refactory

Refactory is a tech program founded by Clarke International University, Laboremus Uganda and Fontes Foundation in 2019 as a means to bridging the gap between education and the private sector. The collaboration is supported by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and the Microsoft App Factory Program.


The Accelerated Learning Certificate Program (ALC)

The Accelerated Learning Certificate (ALC) program is an initiative aimed at equipping Ugandan graduates with world-class skills in software development.

Running in a rigorous boot camp format, the program delivers over a period of 12 Weeks, full-time, offering both non-technical and technical skilling that influence three core spheres namely; mindset, skillset, and toolset.

The Accelerated Learning Certificate (ALC) program covers everything from Javascript and Git, to project management, system security, and leadership.

Refactory gives youth an intensive introduction to tech, with lessons on both the technical and non-technical skills, required to meet the demands of a tech industry that competes globally. Their technical modules are designed together with ICT companies and follow industry standards through the best practical methods.


This Refactory program consists of the following 3 steps;

  • Step 1: Catalyst Course

A focused three-month program that includes training in leadership, critical thinking, IT project management, as well as introductions to different technologies.

  • Step 2: Bootcamp

A six-month boot camp, where a key component is practical learning through projects with industry partners.

  • Step 3: Last Mile Program

A program that gives graduates the opportunity to work at an elite ICT company for 6-12 months.


  • Have demonstrable passion in software development
  • Exhibits of personal or pet projects involving software development
  • A bachelor’s degree is an added advantage

How to Apply

This application will take you up to 30 minutes to complete. You will not be able to save, edit or return to the application later, once you start.

Please have the following items at-hand before starting the application:

  1. A stable internet connection
  2. A passport-style profile picture – colored/Black & white (taken with a plain background)
  3. Scans of all your transcripts and/or certificates, and valid ID in JPG, PNG or PDF formats (not greater than 2 MB each)
  4. Details of any projects executed so far (Name, Objective, Description – 150 words)
  5. Upload a 1-2-minute video to YouTube, describing who you are, a subject you are passionate about and how you hope this course will help you towards achieving your goal.

Click here to Apply

If you have any questions or trouble completing this application, email for support.

Deadline: 11th August 2019


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