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Reality Check, A Report on Employment, Entrepreneurship and Education in Uganda

On Tuesday, 2nd May 2017,  The Centre for Development Alternatives (CDA) together with  Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung unveiled Reality Check; A report that challenges the dominant narrative on Uganda’s employment challenge and re-frames the debate.

The quest for decent employment presents a major development concern today. It would be unimaginable for a country to achieve inclusive growth and sustained peace without providing decent work opportunities for all. Having a candid conversation and generating new knowledge and ideas on employment, especially for the youth in Africa is not only timely, it is also crucial considering the fact that in most Africa countries, young people often have their labor as one of their most prized assets. In this regard, the opportunity for gainful work is the chance for them to earn a decent livelihood and contribute to their country’s growth process.

A key value in this report is that it attempts to re-frame the employment discourse to focus on the prevailing issues of underemployment by covering questions of precarious work, poor pay and job opportunities that fall below the qualifications of workers. The analysis and statistics used to challenge some of the narratives that have been for long held about Uganda’s unemployment as well as how and in what ways education and entrepreneurship can be relied upon as solutions to existing challenges.

While the question of decent employment is a matter for concern to all Ugandans, the country’s youth deserve special emphasis. With a population continuing to grow above 3 percent and 78 percent of it aged below 35, the high number of young people demands stronger development focus particularly with regard to employment opportunities. In this regard – and this report acknowledges – gainful employment has implications for fostering constructive political engagement as well as for social stability. Moreover, the major guiding strategy documents, from the Sustainable Development Goals to the agenda 2063 of the African Union and Uganda’s own National Development Plans, all put a strong emphasis on decent employment as a key challenge.

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Authors (Yusuf Kiranda, Max Walter, Micheal Mugisha)


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