Action is what differentiates Hire the Youth from job boards and youth forums that focus on open job listings, traffic, and research. Through our offline projects, we merge feedback and user human interest stories received online through youthful programs and partnerships to create reforms that change lives in the community.

Hire the Youth is on a mission to secure a better future for young people by creating safe spaces for debate on and offline. Our efforts are fueled by the desire to work together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all young people, as well as research and advocacy work with change-makers and that is why we developed these programs.

Our Campaigns

  • Find Your Local Hero

Through the #FindYourLocalHeroUG campaign we are looking to uncover the hidden young heroes in Ugandan communities. The campaign will seek for story submissions or human interest stories. No matter how it is delivered, a good human interest story has always had power. We are able to recognize how stories impact on people and bring this power out to great effect. A human interest story puts people at the heart of the events. Doing this brings a two-fold benefit. It gives the reader someone to relate to and taps into our natural curiosity in the lives of others.

  • Our Future, Our Say

Our Future Our Say is a means of mutual communication between young people and decision makers in order to implement the best education and employment policies and to also make young people’s voices heard in the policy-shaping process.

This being the only mutual communication between youth and decision makers in the region, it will help tackle the root causes to the rising youth unemployment, increase cooperation with the civil society and to get first-hand input coming from young people regarding education and employment standards.

  • Uplift Peer Project

The Uplift Peer Project is a groundbreaking, peer-led project focused on improving the mental health of young people ages 18-30, equipping them with essential tools to ultimately achieve happier, healthier and fulfilled lives. The Uplift Peer Project aims to solve this challenge by:

  1. Raising awareness on depression and mental health among unemployed/underemployed young people.
  2. Supporting and developing student peer networks within communities.
  3. Creating a platform where youth can share their experiences, challenges and get support.
  • Future Entrepreneurs Program

The Future Entrepreneurs Program helps young people aged 13-18 save and better understand the role of a self-sustained business after school. With the support and guidance of select business leaders from the business community, Future Entrepreneurs Program provides basic economic education for secondary school students.

The program unlocks the innate ability in secondary school students to fill a need or solve a problem in their community, develop on an idea they want to see become a future by launching the business venture and unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit over the course of years until their senior 6 vacation.