Peer Educators Academy 2019 (For Young Change Agents)

The Peer Educators Academy is an eight-month program organized PEER essentially to equip (a threshold of 50) young people with EDUCATORS’ information and skills on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRHR) and Rights as well as acquiring the necessary life skills to make informed life choices.

Are you between the ages of 18-24?? Then, this is for you. Apply today for the 2019 class of the Peer Educators Academy and get yourself a spot to enhance your communication, mentorship, leadership skills and so much much more!

Peer Educators Academy

The Peer Educators Academy is an initiative that Reach-A-Hand started in January 2014. They established this programme to equip young people in and out of school between the ages of 17-24 years with information and skills on Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) as well as other life skills to support their peers.

Through this programme, we believe peers will develop transferable work-related skills such as communication and presentations skills, advising, counseling, leadership and teamwork experience among others. Through the multiplier effect, we believe these young people will transfer these skills to other young people to help young people to make informed life choices.

Peer Educators Academy

Activities Held

  • Conducting peer learning sessions in school.

Peer learning sessions are organized and led by peer educators who engage with other young people in interactive sessions on SRH. The main aim of the peer learning sessions is for the peer educators to pass on their knowledge on SRH to peers in order to adopt positive attitudes and behavior regarding their SRH.

  • Conducting edutainment events.

These raise awareness about SRH among young people in schools in an appealing and entertaining way. Young people, as well as cultural icons, come up with innovative ways to showcase their talents to provide positive SRH messages to young people.

  • Promote SRH information on social media.

Through the use of the Genext Facebook and Twitter account pages, we’ve been able to popularize and disseminate SRH information reaching over 28,000 and 4,000 youths on facebook and twitter respectively.

  • Conducting awareness raising and mobilization events for the world contraception day.

Rahu in partnership with DSW-Uganda organize these events to further advocate for improving access to family planning information and services.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should fill in the application form in the link below

Click Here to Apply

If you have any questions regarding your interest in joining the Peer Educators Academy, please contact or call +256 (0) 414 697 037.

Deadline: November 30th, 2018


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    empowering young children an teaching them how they can over come some hard conditions because many young children in villages pass through hard stitutions

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