The Pan-African Youth Festival

The Pan African youth festival is Africa´s most inspiring youth event that celebrates, empowers, and connects the African youth innovators, conveners and breakthrough actors driving Action for the Agenda 2063/ Sustainable Development Goals and transforming lives.

The Youth Festival is anchored on Arts, Culture, technology and conversations which offer young Africans an opportunity to engage on multiple platforms and critical issues. Participants engage in a wide range of robust activities ranging from self-organized coverings, solidarity marches, music, cultural expressions sports, roadshows and community outreach.

The Pan African Youth Festival

The Pan African Youth Festival is an African Youth forum convened by the  African Youth Federation that brings together African youth and students from across the continent, civil society actors, duty bearers, key strategic stake holders, the academia, youth leaders and the general public to awaken their conscious and catalyze their active engagement in the African integration processes across the entire spectrum. The overarching goal is to position African youth firmly at the centre of the integration processes, leverage on their creative energies and issues into the fore and build a strong social fabric necessary for the success of the African integration process, interact and have an interface with their leaders and policy makers to interrogate the current continental issues and generate practical solutions to some of the continent’s most intractable problems.

The Pan African Youth Festival springs from the need for young people owned and driven African cohesion processes as envisaged in the Article 26(i) of the African Youth Charter which calls African youth to fully promote patriotism and unity towards the cohesion of Africa.


  • The Pan African Youth festival provides a viable forum for public engagement in the policy debate. Policy dialogue will be deepened, gaps defined and popular input made to inform key policy recommendations.
  • Strategic Alliances strengthened; The Pan African Youth Festival will facilitate the building of purposeful cross-border alliances and solidarities for the young African community participatory transformative change and advocacy.
  • Capacities enhanced; The Pan African Youth Festival will provide the opportunity for cross-border skills and knowledge sharing and transfer amongst young Africans.
  • Advocacy The Pan African Youth Festival is committed to enhancing the youth capacities and effectiveness of social movements in driving Africa’s productive potentials towards a positive transformative continent. Effective advocacy campaigns are and have been proven to be a key tool for social movements. The Pan African Youth Festival is therefore dedicated to strengthening the advocacy capabilities of the youth participants.
  • Fast-tracking of African Youth Charter implementation by different youth stakeholders on the continent.
  • Widen strategic youth frontiers; The Festival also seeks to expand the influence of young social movements and to promote innovations for greater effectiveness. The Pan African Youth Festival will provide an opportunity for extending these initiatives.
  • Civic Awareness, Competence and Engagement enhanced; The ultimate objective is direct and substantive civic participation. Enhanced civic awareness and competence are a pre-requisite. The Pan African Youth Festival is a critical contribution to this end.
  • Increase your knowledge, contacts and skills sets to boost your career
  • Create a lasting legacy of Pan African Youth Festival 2018


  • Tertiary Students
  • Graduates
  • African Youth Leaders
  • Diplomats/Interns/Volunteers

Eligible Regions

  • All African Countries

Event Dates

The event will run from 5th – 9th November 2019

How to Apply

Apply HERE

Deadline: 30th October 2019

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12 thoughts on “The Pan-African Youth Festival

  1. Ngeno Kipruto Nelson on Reply

    I would like appreciate the Pan African Movement that is currently aiming at empowering us youths in different areas that has become a challenge in a progressive country. Being a victim of unemployment and other challenges, I believe given a chance to participate in such an event will open new opportunities for me and other youths who have the same challenge. I will be happy to be among the winners of the event and God will bless us all.

  2. Nomzamo Zondi on Reply

    Beautiful concept…. Looks like it will be a colorful fest with meaningful engagements. I love it. Well done to the coordinators. Hope it will be streamed live for those of us who may not be able to attend but would love to make comments and contributions during discussions.

  3. Fred on Reply

    Wawoo the forum is great for the youth who are patriotic to their country and pan African youth sharing experience and skills development it’s wonderful to be there.

  4. Sulayman Bojang on Reply

    This forum will give an opportunity for the youths of Africa to come together as one and make Africa a better place to live.

  5. Muhoi Teresiah wanjiku on Reply

    Wow, youth empowerment, great networking opportunities and ideas sharing. This is a good forum for all

  6. Winifrida w Mahenye on Reply

    The forum is fantastic for youth coz its give youth opportunity to share experience and knowing each other.

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