No Education is irrelevant!

You ask Arts students what they can solve and they tell you, ‘for us we only think.’ Think about what?”

– The President of the Banana Republic asked.
He went ahead to advise Universities to teach courses that impart life skills and science in line with the country’s increasing need for professionals in the oil industry.
The Revolutionary, also urged humanities graduates to seek slots in the army, police and prisons services.
It should be noted that the president studied political science in a Tanzanian University, probably his lecturers must have told him that the course was indeed a true natural science.

In general, the president criticised arts courses with emphasis to humanity courses such as Development studies and he urged universities and the public to take on science courses with keen interest. Why?
Because, he believes or like the late Iddi Amin, he had a vision that some courses were useless and that he had to take action. In his vision, he saw that arts courses were not vital to development as compared to science courses like medicine. He probably also had a vision in which he had studied astronomy and biology.

The president is wrong, I actually wouldn’t advise him to continue meditating when thinkers are doing their thing(thinking),unless he is waiting for the scientists to concoct a portion that will keep him awake or rather stop him from meditating. If Arts courses are such a disaster,  then the country is in real danger, we are very much doomed as a growing economy.  You see, we have very many leaders many of whom didnt graduate in sciences,  actually only a handful have degrees in the science sector, perhaps even having an A-level certificate is requirement to make one a leader. A nation needs thinkers as much as it needs doers, leta embrace what we have and with it, we can greatly achieve development and more.

I will not take on the offensive, if I have done so, I am sorry. But the president needs to focus on things that really concern the country. Life teaches that there must be a balance of every thing, a balance in nature, thats why people die and others are being born, its not equal but its suitable. How would a country with only scientists look like, who would love to be in a country with no colour, a country with no plan. Who would love to be in a country with less creativity, because art and creativity go hand in hand. There is no course that is fit to be called useless, perhaps if these courses were useless, the president wouldnt urge graduates of such courses to seek slots in the army, police and prisons services. The president is relying on the slogan ‘today’s solutions for today’s problems,’ instead of aiming at the future.
If removal of Arts subjects in one of the vision 2040 goals, then Uganda is surely doomed.

No education is irrelevant

Society needs people who have studied different courses for the strategic development

No education is irrelevant, we equally need each other as we equally need people who have studied different courses for the strategic development of this nation. A doctor needs a blogger as much as he needs a banker, an industrialist needs an artist as much as he needs an engineer, a biologist needs a journalist as much as he needs a laboratory attendant. The world is crafted on direct or indirect dependency,  we depend on each other so as to get all we want in equal measure according to ones ability and willingness to pay for a service, the president’s statement is one that can incite mass illiteracay as not each and every body is conversant with sciences, that if arts are removed, many would even give up on studying. Arts or social sciences are also a requirement to development

In O’level, it is a requirement for every student to take on sciences ie. Biology, mathematics, physics and  chemistry. Isn’t that enough proof that people choose what to specialise in dependinģ on what they can do best? The president is like one of these parents that would force a child to do sciences even if he wanted law, as long as its him paying the tuition. Not many months ago, public relation experts were to be imported to help market our Tourism sector. The country is full of experts by colour,  earning big bucks as the nationals are earning peanuts. Steve Jobs didnt graduate in a science course but he employed many scientists. We need all subjects, the problem of unemployment is blamed on government, the president keeps talking of industries yet we see none.
Necessity is the mother of invention,  if people are so unemployed,  chances are so high that they will create a job than when they are employed. Doctors earn peanuts, and patriotism is now taught in schools,
Oh Uganda, May God uphold thee.

I am a fourth year student of development studies.


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