My Startup Story Innovation Challenge 2020

The year 2020 has been a trying one for the Startup ecosystem the world over. The COVID-19 pandemic that very quickly swept the globe affected supply chains, customer and client bases, communication and general operations and more for many startups.

My Startup Story Innovation Challenge

There are many startups, companies and individuals, however, that have risen to the occasion, shifting their working modules to meet current demand and finding innovative digital solutions to continue to ensure that their customer base is satisfied. With help from the entire startup ecosystem, it is these entities that the KIW Awards would like to highlight and reward. As a consumer, client or customer, you decide which of these businesses receive this spotlight! 

Kampala Innovation Week (KIW) is the largest gathering of the Startup Ecosystem in Uganda. After 3 years, KIW is going virtual under the theme “Recovery, Resilience: Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a tool for the youth”.


Bi-Monthly prizes

  • Free social media marketing on all Startup Uganda and KIW channels
  • Safeboda credit worth 100,000 shs
  • Be part of the final selection of overall winners at KIW

Final prizes

  • 1 year incubation at Makerere Innovation and Incubation Center
  • Google and Amazon Cloud credit worth $20,000 from Outbox
  • Visibility and mentions at all post event communications of KIW

How to Apply

Under six different sectors, there are 30 nominee slots. To fill one of these slots, simply record a 1-minute long creative video, highlighting your startup story and the ways in which you adapted to COVID-19. The six sectors are:

Post on your social media accounts and tag Startup Uganda with the hashtag #MyStartupStory for a chance to be among the bi-weekly winners.

Deadline: 31st October 2020


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