MTN Innovation Awards

The MTN Innovations Awards 2017

The MTN Innovations Awards is a Platform created in 2015 to recognize outstanding Applications developed by Ugandans as well as Outstanding Individuals or Private organizations that are enabling the local innovation Eco-System.

Launched in 1998, MTN Uganda is the leading communications operator in Uganda, offering Mobile and Fixed telecommunications, Mobile Money Services, and Internet Service Provisioning. As of 30th June 2017, MTN Uganda recorded 11.2 million subscribers across Uganda.


This year, MTN Innovation Awards will recognize Application Innovations in the following categories:

  1. Best Health Application: Despite the significant improvements in the recent years, access to health care services continues to be one of the challenges for Uganda. Health status issues include High child & maternal mortality, Diseases like HIV, Malaria, etc, difficulty in accessing health care and inconsistent quality in primary health care. This Award seeks to recognize Applications that aim to extend reach, accessibility, and efficiency in delivering health services.  The app must address both consumers of health services & providers of health services & demonstrate enabling business intelligence features to enhance reach, accessibility, and efficiency.
  2. Best Education Application: Barriers to educational opportunities arise from social and economic injustices, learning disabilities, geographic isolation, and lack of resources of all types. Used creatively, technology can enhance both the experience and reach of Education. This Award seeks to recognize Applications that are transforming the Experience and Reach of Education to ordinary Ugandans.  The app must address both consumers of education services & providers of education services and demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility, and efficiency
  3. Best Financial Services Application: Financial Inclusion for all Ugandans is crucial in building true Economic empowerment in the 21stCentury. The Government of Uganda has taken deliberate steps to build a more inclusive financial system as stipulated in its Vision 2040. Indeed in 2011, the Bank of Uganda adopted a new strategy for pushing forward the financial inclusion agenda based on four pillars: financial literacy, financial consumer protection, financial innovations and financial services data and measurementThis Award seeks to recognize Applications that are enabling any financial Inclusion. The app must address both consumers of financial services & providers of financial services & demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility, and efficiency
  4. Best SME Application: It is estimated that SMEs contribute to about 90% of the private sector production in Uganda and the main source of new jobs especially in the low-income segments. A key challenge in the SME sector is the limitation in resources to enable capacity building and growth to full potential. This award seeks to recognize Applications that aim to address productivity improvement in the SME sector. The app must address both consumers of services & providers of services & demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility, and efficiency
  5. Best Agriculture Application: The agricultural sector is important to the Uganda Economy. In 2016, it was estimated to contribute 24% of GDP while employing over 50% of the population. This Award seeks to recognize applications that are driving digitization for efficiency & productivity in the Agricultural sector. The app must address both consumers of education services & providers of education services and demonstrate enabling business intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility, and efficiency
  6. Best Media & Entertainment Application: Entertainment continues to be a key pillar of the Uganda lifestyle with passions including Music, Soccer, Gaming, etc. As the world of Entertainment becomes more digitized globally, the Local scene must adapt in order to benefit from the opportunities therein. The app must address both consumers of  services & providers of services and demonstrate enabling business  intelligence to enhance reach, accessibility, and efficiency
  7. Most Innovative Mobile App: The Mobile phone has been central to the transformation of Uganda and the region as a whole. Today the mobile phone is not just a tool of Communication but rather a channel to Transfer Money, Buy and Sell goods, access Entertainment, etc. This award is also given at the judges’ discretion to Mobile applications that invent, innovate, revolutionize, recreate or transform things. It is therefore not a category that is open for entry. This app may or may not be from any of the categories indicated above.
  8.  Outstanding Woman in Innovation: This is award seeks to recognize Women that are demonstrating a leading role in defining the innovation for Uganda through Mobile Application Innovations that they have developed or other initiatives that they are driving towards building the eco-system.
  9.  Innovation Achiever of the Year: This is a special Award to recognize an Individual or private Entity that has had a significant impact in defining, enabling and influencing the Innovation Eco-system of Uganda through local initiatives and activities.

MTN Innovation Awards Eligibility

Submissions for MTN Innovations Awards must meet the following criteria:

For Entries to any of the Application Categories:

  • The Application is already launched and is being actively used with measurable impact ( e.g. number of users, revenue generated, etc)
  • The Application addresses a problem or opportunity as defined in the Award category
  • The Mobile App was launched from 2014 onwards
  • The Mobile Application was created by a Ugandan (s)

For Outstanding Woman in Innovation and Innovation Achiever of the year:

  • The individual or organization has been active in the innovation space of Uganda for at least 4 years
  • The individual or private organization has implemented initiatives that are:
  • Of pioneering impact in Uganda
  • Still actively running or completed with positive results
  • Implemented in Uganda or internationally with direct benefits for Uganda
  • Have or will have a long-term positive and sustainable impact on innovation in Uganda
  • Have or will have potential for a Mass market
  • Have or will result in positioning Uganda in the global innovation space regionally or internationally


All the Awards will receive the following prizes

  • The MTN Innovations Awards
  • Cash Prize of $3,000

How to Enter MTN Innovations Awards

  • Entry is FREEClick here  to Submit Entry.
  • Entry Submission  Start date: 22nd September 2017
  • Entry Submission  Deadline: 6th October 2017
  • Announcement of Winners: 8th  Nov 2017
  • Entry Requirements: Each applicant will be obliged to the following in applying for Entry to be considered for any of the Awards:
  • Applications must be submitted online in English
  • The following will be required in the Application:
  • Filling of the Application Form
  • Upload a summary presentation in PDF format of the project/Application/initiatives being entered  including performance
  • Two Reference letters
  • Applicants may enter in more than one category. In this case, an independent application must be made for each category.
  • All Applications received will be judged against selected criteria by a panel of judges to identify winners
  • Winners will be announced at the MTN Innovations Awards Event to be held on 8th Nov 2017


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