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How To Earn Money Using Your Home Computer

Many young people (graduates to be exact) complain about the lack of employment opportunities and resources in their favor. With thousands graduating annually into a very competitive job market, they are faced with bigger problems like the ability to cover daily expenses and needs. They are quick to focus on getting a well-paying job and leaving home right away, forgetting the abundant resources like a home computer are available in their parent’s homes.

Most families have the chance of availing a room for their child, which comes with privacy, a bed, and free meals. More to that, a free home computer accessed by everyone in the household. Now that you’re a graduate, seize this opportunity and ask to take this into your room (your new office), convince your parents it’s to help you better your skills on obtaining a paying job. If you don’t have a home computer, ask for one.

Now instead of spending the whole day idly browsing through Facebook and YouTube posts,  here’s how you can use your home computer  to make yourself some good money;

1. Graphics Designing

Many businesses in existence rely on graphic design, from the smallest chapatti stall at the roadside to the bank across the main road. With that personal computer, you have the power to provide such a service, forget obtaining a degree to do this. Buy a night bundle, visit YouTube and download as many tutorials on graphic design as you can. Believe me, in a week’s time you will be good to go, start minting money from home computer.

2. Basic Computer Tutoring

The world is changing to an environment where everyone needs to understand the basic operations of a computer. Take time to understand all the simple functions, shortcuts, basic office software usage. Again, you’ll need to buy a night bundle, visit YouTube and download as many tutorials on this as you can. Many people are looking for personal computer tutors, you could earn from this.

3. Bulk Typing, and Printing

With bulk typing, you have to bear the burden of multitudes of work like research reports, notes and textbooks. Take some time off to understand the basic Microsoft Office products like Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, these will help you in this field.  Additionally, you can go ahead to provide printing services which might need you to procure a few accessories like a mini printer and a ream of paper, with all this you are looking at huge sums of money daily from your home computer.

4. Computer Repair and Windows Installation

For this field, you’ll need to make friends with the neighborhood computer repair guy. Get a few tips and lessons on how to handle simple computer faults and also how to install windows on computers.  Furthermore, you’ll need to download and save multiple versions of popular software to be sold to clients, for example, VLC media player, Microsoft Office, Windows and more. Your home computer will be your rent-free store as you make profits off each installation.

5. Online Freelancing Jobs

With the internet and your computer there, are a lot of websites you could sign up with to do freelancing. Such websites could be having a lot of work they could involve you in like data collection, surveys and also writing gigs so simply look out for those gigs on social media. Becoming a freelancer is one of the easiest and smartest side gigs from which one can earn big from with the high end of the chain earning up to UGX 600,000 a gig

So there you have it, with those tips, you could fight your way out of unemployment with ease. Remember all you require is a home computer, the internet, and social media.


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