Is Mentorship an Investment or Threat to Success?

Many times, youth like me look up to people who have achieved what we hope to achieve or are in positions that we hope to hold someday, so often times, we try to take it a notch higher by wanting to know how they got where they are by following their footsteps. Unfortunately, it’s quite hard without mentorship.

Frankly, some older people in positions of power, knowledge et al tend to be selfish and not willing to help young folks. A young fella looking for mentorship is assumedly a threat hence don’t deserve mentorship.

“You don’t have to be a rich man to be a good man. It costs you nothing but time to be a mentor.”- Steve Harvey

The youth of today are overwhelmingly unemployed, known for lack of basic employable values and skills most of which are not taught in school but can be imparted by different people through mentorship. Uganda is a very youthful country and if the youths of this great country are not molded rightly, then we stand a chance of never being the country we picture it to be in 2040 or later.

First class degrees or MBAs no longer land people straight forward jobs, it’s no longer about what you studied in high school or University because let’s face it, many people shall come and get that first class degree or even that MBA but what really matters is what makes someone stand out.

It takes nothing but time and a good heart to be a mentor, why then don’t we view mentorship as an investment rather than a threat to success and human survival?- That is the one question that bothers me every single day…


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