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Should You Go For That Master’s Degree If You Can’t Get A Job?

You might actually put yourself in a worse position by going for a Master’s Degree

Seriously though, there is a reason as to why you have failed to get a decent job even after attending three years or more in a University. The question is are you sure, you’ll have a better chance at employment by simply adding another degree.

You will find that after graduating in your Master’s program (if you have no experience) you will feel over qualified for your job. You won’t like doing it because you feel like you can do your boss’ job. You won’t be hired into your boss’ job because you probably lack the political support from other coworkers that you will need.

Directors have positive relationships that have been developed over 10 years of experiences to support them. Sometimes you are lacking social skills or maturity that you didn’t even know you needed to develop.

I don’t wish to offend you, I am just telling you from experience. I was in the exact same boat. I only worked for 6 months before pursuing my Masters. It would have been better for me to spend time fine tuning my skills and networking rather than jumping into my master’s program.

I had to work much harder to find a job post graduating with my Master’s degree. Much of my cohort had companies coming to them because they had 3–5 years of relevant experience in the field. Some of them even had their current employers paying for their Master’s degree. I had to work to get my first job out of University.

So far I have not answered your questions directly, and I do this intentionally. University doesn’t get you a job, your connections do! Don’t go thousands of shillings into debt with no plan.

Here is what you should do instead:

  • Seek out mentors
  • Build relationships with people in companies that you like
  • Do some free work
  • Make a website or social media profile to market your skills
  • Improve your resume/cv
  • Attend networking conferences
  • Follow online career and head hunting websites like Pro-Interns, Hire the Youth
  • Learn and Improve your skills with online free courses

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