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The Mastercard Start Path Program 2019

Start Path Program is Mastercard’s worldwide program for innovative later stage startups from across the globe.

Since 2014,  the Mastercard Start Path Program has been working with an ever-growing portfolio of startups with unique solutions across fintech and commerce.

The Mastercard Start Path Program is based on what has worked best for Mastercard’s portfolio of startups: more flexibility, more customization, and no distractions from your current business.

Mastercard Start Path Program 2019

The Mastercard Program contains the following features;

  • A six-month virtual program tailored to the individual needs of your company.
  • No need to move from your home location.
  • No equity is taken up front (but an option to participate in your next round.
  • Immediate access to 60+ Mastercard experts.
  • Connections to potential customers – global corporate brands spanning banking, retail, tech, and telecoms.
  • Funds provided so that you have no out of pocket expenses.

Mastercard Start Path Program work with later stage startups in the broad fintech and commerce space that fit these criteria:

How it Works

A hybrid model designed to help solve key operational challenges for companies, we provide immediate access to experts and resources from across the organization and the opportunity to dive deep with our internal and external network.

No two companies are the same and we take a highly tailored approach to working together.

How to Apply

To apply for the program, follow the link below on F6S to create a team and join the program.

Click here to Apply


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