The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation Scholarship Programme 2019/20

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation Scholarship Programme aims at benefiting Ugandans pursuing either undergraduate or postgraduate education at University level in Uganda.

Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation Scholarship

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation is a Charitable Trust which was set up with the primary objective of promoting scientific and technical education for the betterment of the people of Uganda. It is in pursuit of this objective that the Board of Trustees of the Foundation set up a Scholarship Committee and instituted a University scholarship programme starting in the 2003/2004 academic year.

  • The scholarship covers tuition fees only from the second year to completion for undergraduate students, and for the entire programme of study for Postgraduate students from the time of application/award.
  • The scholarship shall be extended as a grant payable directly to the University/Institution on behalf of the beneficiaries.
  • Renewal of funding shall be subject to receiving satisfactory progress reports from the beneficiaries Faculty/ Institute/School/college.
  • Retakes in more than one subject will result in the withdrawal of the Scholarship by the Trust.
  • Upon completion of the studies, it is expected that the awardees will, for the benefit of future scholars, make voluntary donations/contributions to the Foundation.
  • It may also be noted that the award of Scholarship is not a legally binding contract between the Foundation/ Trustees and the Awardees and cannot be challenged in any courts of law.
  • The Foundation/Trustees also reserve the right to withdraw the scholarship or stop payment of the tuition fees at any time at its own discretion without assigning any reason to the awardees.
Madhvani Foundation Scholarship

Eligibility for Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation Scholarship

  • Student Eligibility
  1. Undergraduate students (Ugandan Nationals), who have completed at least the first year of their studies at a Ugandan University; (in any of the disciplines in 2.0 above), are eligible to apply.
  2. Students with CGPA lower than 3.0 and/or having a retake in any subject in the first/preceding year of study are not eligible to apply.
  3. Postgraduate students (Ugandan Nationals), who have either been admitted and/or registered for postgraduate programmes at a Ugandan University. (A first degree in the disciplines in 2.0 a must).
  4. Students already on scholarships or sponsorships with other organizations are not eligible to apply.
  5. Also, the successful applicants who may be awarded scholarships or sponsorships by other organizations after the Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation scholarship award shall be discontinued.
  • Course Eligibility

The Board of Trustees identified the following disciplines for sponsorships:

Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Engineering, Food Science & Technology, Information Technology, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, Nursing, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, Actuarial Science, Environmental Studies and Human Medicine.

The Board, however, reserves the right to revise this list periodically, on the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee, to suit the relative importance of each of the disciplines in the wider strategic framework of the national capacity building.

Selection Criteria

  • Undergraduate applicants; proof of completion of the first year of study in a recognized university in Uganda. The higher one’s CGPA, the better.
  • Postgraduate applicants; proof of admission to a postgraduate programme in a recognized University or Institution of Higher Learning in Uganda.
  • Academic performance; the applicants’ Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and/or class of degree, as well as academic references, shall be among the variables to be used in determining successful applicants.
  • The applicant’s age and character shall be considered.
  • The financial status of the applicants themselves, their parents, families and/or spouses shall be scrutinized to assess their relative financial needs.
  • The Board of Trustees has empowered the Scholarship Committee to use their discretion in considering the Applicants and identifying those suitable for sponsorship. The Committee may use additional parameters, such as gender, regional balance, and disability, where candidates are equally qualified.
  • Postgraduate Applicants with work experience in the relevant field of study will have an advantage in the award of Scholarship.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to check and verify any information provided by the applicant.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to reject any application.
  • Any form of canvassing will lead to immediate disqualification.

How to Apply

  • Click Here to download the application form
  • All sections of the application form must be carefully filled in, attached with relevant documentation and submitted along with a signed Model Release Form. Section F must be filled by the relevant officer and stamped.
  • The completed Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation Scholarship application form can either be delivered in person or posted to Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation, P. O. Box 33479, Plot No.96-98, Business Park 5th Street, Industrial Area, Kampala, Uganda
  • Applicants, whose forms are not filled properly as required or Section E has not been filled in or have failed to attach the relevant supporting documents shall be rejected.

Deadline: 31st May 2019


22 thoughts on “The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation Scholarship Programme 2019/20

  1. Isaac wabwire on Reply

    And am interested to apply but am to join this year bv the i can’t afford the tution for the first year .how can you help me because my challenge is tution. Help me . Thank u

  2. Opio Patrick on Reply

    You are doing a great job in Uganda. over thousands of people have got employed under your company, development has been realized because of your efforts, you have made the poor to Access education. Moving exactly on the principal of sustainable development and I shall as a person who sees what your doing in Uganda as credible I will on the other side help you to promote and sensitise people about your quality products so as you continue helping us especially the poor. As i also look forward to apply for the scholarship. thanks


    Thank you for scholarship to help the vulnerable and building a strong foundation for the future generation

  4. Akullu Joan Okwany on Reply

    Am pleased by what Madvhani does.How best can you people hep those ones who finished Diploma and would like to upgrade for undergraduate and yet they can not afford to sponsor themselves, which am one of them.

  5. Nalwanga Juliet on Reply

    Its always a big opportunity to have individuals who want each person to move forward and be a success . Thank you very much for making peoples’ futures a success through creating ways of helping them.

  6. Mugabe Micheal rodgers on Reply

    I really thank you a lot for this offer and l would like to apply for a scholarship. Am a secondary student in senior six but am just requesting for your help on this l know am a good student in sciences and am looking forward to persue an eengineering course at the university l know you will really help me on this one..Thank you

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