Labs by ARM 3.0 Accelerator 2021 (Helping Fintechs Grow and Scale)

Labs by ARM 3.0 is a FinTech-Focused Accelerator Program designed to support the best post-MVP companies solving the hardest problems for the financial and enterprise software industries.

Labs by ARM 3.0 is designed to engage post-MVP FinTech startups in a series of activities aimed at exponentially advancing the growth of their companies within a short time frame, and ensuring their investment-readiness. Selected startups will be provided with financial investment, distribution, access to investors and lots more!

Labs by ARM 3.0 Accelerator 2021

For this edition, they are looking for post-MVP startups that offer Fintech or enterprise solutions. These startups should have a well-rounded, complementary team for product vision (what to build), technology (how to build it), and business (how to make money from it). They are also interested in solutions that will help the African diaspora access local services for themselves and their families.

During the 12 weeks, Labs by ARM will work intensively with each startup virtually; primarily on product, market, and team to get them in the best shape possible. They will provide them with access to the ARM network, deals from select partners, and carefully selected mentors from the fintech industry who will provide hands-on support and valuable introductions.


Here are what Labs by ARM are looking for in the selected startups:

  • Should be preferably post-MVP or Early Stage startups with a revolutionary solution.
  • Should be operating in the FIntech space or Enterprise software industry
  • The solution should have a large market that grows over time.
  • Founders should have;
  1. Some unique insight or compelling worldview
  2. Deep domain expertise and/or a strong grasp of the landscape an eye for detail
  3. Tenacity, high conscientiousness, and a bias towards execution
  • Startups should have a well-rounded, complementary team i.e. in-house capacity for product vision (what to build), technology (how to build it), and business (how to make money from it)
  • Startups should be solving an important problem for a highly-engaged set of customers
  • Should be post-revenue

Key Areas of Interest are

Solutions that address gaps in cryptocurrency and credit facilities, as well as those offering consumers one-stop-shop solutions. Solutions helping the African diaspora access local services for themselves and their families are also of interest. Beyond Fintech, they are looking for Enterprise Software solutions that solve complex and costly problems.


  • Access to Funding: Direct equity funding for the selected startups worth $50,000 each in equity.
  • Mentorship: Accepted startups enjoy hands-on mentorship from leaders in the FinTech sector.
  • Partnerships: Business services provided through partnerships (such as AWS credit, MSG91, legal services).
  • Access to Investors: Startups will get introduced to a network of investors at the end of the program for possible follow-on investments.
  • Access to the program’s alumni network: Startups get to meet previous cohort founders and learn from their experience firsthand.

How to Apply

Labs by ARM believe technology has the power to make the world a better place and they invest their time and resources in entrepreneurs making an impact leveraging technology.

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 13th February 2021

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