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The Kampala Women in Tech Mentoring Workshop & Program 2019

The annual ICT4D Conference occasionally brings together the world’s thought leaders in technology for aid and development.

To harness this amazing opportunity, the conference, in partnership with Kampala Women in Tech will host a speed mentoring workshop and offer the opportunity to engage in a year-long mentorship program for young women looking to break into and become leaders in the technology sector.

The Kampala Women in Tech Mentoring Workshop & Program

The purpose of the Kampala Women in Tech initiative is to empower and support the leadership ambitions of young women in the technology space by building meaningful relationships with existing leaders.

They recognize that young women have an abundance of knowledge, insight, and experience to share with others too. For that reason, the initiative sees the mentorship scheme as reciprocal; a relationship that is mutually beneficial and encourages a two-way exchange and dialogue. Established leaders may use this as an opportunity to better understand the experiences of the younger workforce and current trends in social media, information communications and technology for example.

The format of the Speed Mentoring session is the following:

  • An introduction by Kampala Women in Tech representative
  • The mentors will be split into groups and will be matched with an equal number of mentees
  • Each mentor will have a 10-minute exchange with a mentee
  • The bell will ring and the mentees will move to the next mentor in the group
  • Kampala Women in Tech foresee that each mentor will have three mentee sessions
  • Wrap up and sharing of insights at the end

Mentors and mentees may choose to continue their discussions and enter a mentorship exchange after the conference. It will be the responsibility of the mentor and mentee to assess when and how regularly they will conduct skype meetings.

Kampala Women in Tech will send out monthly/bi-monthly topics for discussion to help shape those skype meetings.


  • Must be 18 & over
  • Female Ugandan undergraduate, graduate students, early career professionals, and those with otherwise acquired skills and passion for technology and innovation
  • From different parts of Uganda (geographically representative group), while conference fees for mentees will be covered, mentees will need to cover their travel to Kampala.

Selection Process

  • Candidates to attend the ICT4D conference will be selected by a simple application process aimed to verify interest in the sector.
  • Mentors will similarly be selected by a simple application process aimed to validate commitment for at least 1 year.
  • All candidates selected for conference sponsorship will be offered a mentor relationship (assuming enough interest from mentors).

How to Apply

Applicants for the Kampala Women in Tech Mentoring Workshop & Program will be asked to write a short paragraph on what they hope to get out of the experience and rank which competencies they would like to work on the most to help make a match with a mentor.

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 12th April 2019


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