Kampala Innovation Week

The First Kampala Innovation Week for Startups in Uganda

The Kampala Innovation Week is an annual event set to bring together all the various key players from different sectors to celebrate re-focus and energize the innovation efforts in Uganda and across the region.

It seeks to bring innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates from all around the region to gather in Kampala, get inspired, learn, share ideas and new contacts. After a year of creativity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship, the Kampala Innovation Week is where all corporate innovators, representatives from the public sector, experts, entrepreneurs, investors as well as startups from the region come together to explore the opportunities to work together to build a connected startup ecosystem.

At the core of the Kampala Innovation Week, is the fundamental belief that innovation can be a transformational tool to solve the biggest challenges in the private, public, academia and civil society of Uganda.

What to Expect at the First Kampala Innovation Week?

The Kampala Innovation Week 2017 will highlight solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation to push the world forward towards sustainable change. Through international collaboration between startups, corporates, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, investors and tech experts, we can voice bold solutions that will bring the world forward.

Attendees are encouraged to participate in the content creation process by joining Kampala Innovation Week roundtable and influencer sessions being held throughout the five days on subjects like Health tech, Fintech  Artificial Intelligence, Agriculture, Growth hacking, Cloud Technologies, VR, Data, Branding, Media, Product Development, Funding and much more.

The Kampala Innovation Week 2017

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketing manager, product owner, innovation lead, CEO, designer or developer, the Kampala Innovation Week content is designed to help you understand the future of technology and give you actionable insights that you can implement today.

As a corporate or private sector leader, challenge your assumptions about what else is possible. Get a taste of what could disrupt your industry.

Dates and Venue

Entrance for the event is free and will take place at the Innovation Village, located in Ntinda on Ntinda complex, Block B level 3.

It will be a 5-day evening event running from 27th of November to the 1st of December 2017.

How to Attend

Interested attendees can follow the link below to register and book a spot for this exciting week.

Click Here to Register

You can also follow Kampala Innovation Week on Facebook and Twitter for an in-depth insight of what this amazing event will entail.


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