Innovation Village Fellowship

The Innovation Village Fellowship 2019

Being a leading launchpad for young innovators and entrepreneurs in Uganda, the Innovation Village created its first fellowship program to skill young people.

They are building an entire ecosystem of entrepreneurs and innovators solving the biggest challenges, from helping entrepreneurs launch and grow high-impact ventures to attracting global opportunities.

The Innovation Village Fellowship

Technology is reshaping work. More than 50% of today’s jobs require some technology skills, and 77% will require them in less than a decade. Whereas millions are under or unemployed, nearly two-thirds of companies report having positions for which they cannot find qualified applicants.

As unemployment gets worse, a new world of work is emerging, where it’s not just about a job, but rather about getting work done faster, better. The Village’s UpSkill program is at the center of accelerating this world of work. Their digital services marketplace matches highly skilled certified talent with industry in new ways.

The Innovation Village Fellowship Program and UpSkill are inspired by the population dividend and the fact that practical learning opportunities available to students pursuing higher education in Uganda range from minimal to non-existent. As such, 300,000 graduates leaving the University system every year find themselves increasingly unprepared for white & blue collar employment, which is adapting faster due to advancements in technology.

The core fields of focus for the Innovation Village Fellowship Program include;

  • Software Development,
  • Product Design,
  • Data Analysis,
  • Social Entrepreneurship,
  • Technology Commercialization,
  • Project Management,
  • Business Finance,
  • Operations,
  • and the Creative Arts.

How to Apply

Interested in applying for the Innovation Village Fellowship Program 2019? Follow the link below to answer the application form online. For any questions or inquiries, send an email to

Click here to Apply

Deadline: 28th February 2019


2 thoughts on “The Innovation Village Fellowship 2019

  1. Vanessa Mwebaza Muwanga on Reply

    I just love you guys. Your posts just give me life. As a stressed and hard-working member of the Ugandan society, I really believe you guys are going to help me deal with my unemployment issues.

  2. ian seruuma on Reply

    Thank you guys for empowering young innovators I would like to join the fellowship ,what’s the procedure.

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