The First inCcelerate Fellowship by enStartup (For Young People in Uganda)

Organized by enStartupinCcelerate is a full-time 3-month employment opportunity for young people in Uganda, that will enable them to become an enMember. inCcelerate gives young people a chance to work, share and engage with other smart and talented enMembers, in doing so, refine their practical skills.

enStartup is an online blog that covers everything under the startup ecosystem in East Africa and has been in existence for almost a year now. They are taking a step forward into practical works by starting the inCcelerate fellowship with hopes of creating a culture where prototyping, modeling and tinkering are the norms.  enStartup is building an ecosystem that enables them to constantly deliver. They, therefore, intend to build a lasting community not just a workplace, eventually providing an environment for continuous engagement.

inCcelerate Fellowship

The first inCcelerate fellowship is themed, ‘Service as a Service’ and will involve increasing the capacity of Ugandan startups to collaborate, create avenues for multi-directional learning, both formal and informal. They also intend to create a space where constructive feedback is welcomed.

Within the three months of intensive learning, inCcelerate offers young entrepreneurs a solid framework and a practical pathway to design the best possible product/service.  They provide a rigorous hands-on startup curriculum that includes a solid design instruction.


You don’t need any degree to join the inCcelerate fellowship, not forgetting, enStartup offers a monthly stipend support to young entrepreneurs and also invests a minimum of $10,000 into the group of startups formed during the fellowship in exchange for 6% equity.

How to Apply

Interested applicants for the fellowship, should follow the link below and fill in the application form

Click Here to Apply

Deadline: 22nd November 2017

Intake: 15th January to 14th April 2018


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