Iganga Youth Day

Iganga Youth Day 2019 (Color, Share and Connect)

Every year in August, through Iganga Youth Day, Hangout Foundation joins hands with communities, fellow youths and local leaders to celebrate the International Youth Day.

Hangout Foundation helps young people who are struggling to find relevant information that can help them launch business ventures, support their communities and become active citizens empowered to innovate and create a sustainable bright future.

Iganga Youth Day

Hangout Foundation and Hire the Youth are partnering with singer Grace Nakimera’s Feed The Streets Foundation that is on a mission to reduce homelessness one step at a time.

Iganga Youth Day

Iganga Youth Day is an interactive experiential day where young people come together, share ideas, forge relationships with organizations and leaders as we find ways to eradicate poverty and minimize unemployment among youths.

Iganga Youth Day

The event also provides a good networking platform for young people and the community through games (face painting, color fun run, among others) poetry, a bonfire, music, dance, drama, and sports.

This year as we celebrate the International Youth Day in Uganda, we are standing together to support a group of 50 teenage mothers. Through their group, they support and empower each other to attain vocational skills in tailoring. However, in the process, they have inadequate tailoring materials, a limited working space, and only two faulty tailoring machines.

Iganga Youth Day

These hardships have not only cut their only source of income but also cut short their ability to purchase foodstuffs and other basic needs. They all have children below the ages of five with no form of training, support or business to keep the families fed.

It’s from these circumstances, that we seek your urgent support towards this noble cause by fundraising 50 tailoring machines to improve their efficiency and to reach out to more mothers. Each machine with starter materials costs UGX: 400,000 = $109.

How to Participate

You can participate in this year’s Iganga Youth Day celebrations in any of these steps;

  • Donate any amount to help buy Tailoring Machines for Teenage Mothers – Click here to pledge your support! OR Call us on 0756722388/0787692564 for financial support/pledges.
  • Bring as many young people as you can possibly fetch to the event
  • Jump onto social media by joining the conversations via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using the event’s official hashtag #IgangaYouthDay.

Event Date and Location

The Iganga Youth Day celebrations this year will be held at Sikezy Hotel located on Plot 12, Luba’s road, Iganga and will run on 10th August 2019.

For more information please call +256756722388 or +256787692564.


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