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      Thank you for helping many of us who were wondering how hard it would be. am inquiring of the total approximate cost required in the whole process for a basic company

  1. Byamugisha Denis on Reply

    if i want to register an electrical installation company, what requirements do i need ?
    thank you for your reply.

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      You need all the requirements like any other company. The difference is contained in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, where you have to direct the objective of the company, the powers of the directors and other things. You need help? reach me in case you want register. 0757387337

  2. Brian Ivan osinde on Reply

    If I want to register a cleaning company but I want it to be a sole company wat r the procedures

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      Then that company is refered to as a Signle Member Company Limited. It is currently done in Uganda. Perhaps i can help you with drafting all the documents and completing the registration process. The biggest part is always drafting the Memorandum and Articles of Association. you can reach me on 0757387337

    2. Okoboi william on Reply

      I want to start up a company but would like to seek for clarification, am i the one to prepare for the memorandum and articles of association or i will get them at Uganda registration service bureau? kindly guide me on this matter.

  3. Tusiime Kenneth on Reply

    Thanks for the information it has helped me understand what many think is Impossible.

    I intend to register a technical company, can you handle for me.
    God bless you.

    1. Davis on Reply

      My name is Kaddu Davis would like to register a clinic , kindly show me the stapes I need to take for registering the business. I understand that I need to register with Allied health professional council which is under the ministry of health so do I also need to register with ursb?

  4. Bwoji Abdulhakim on Reply

    Thank you so much for this effort it has opened our minds.
    however are these the same steps while registering and NGO or an association?

    1. Shakeel on Reply

      I want to register a company for small restaurant business and General store. Please guide me the procedure and the total cost in UGX/USD.

      Thanks n regards

  5. Eric Tukundane on Reply

    Thanks so much for the guidelines, is it the same procedure,if I want to start an NGO for helping the needy,such as rape victims,war victims,etc

  6. Drijaru Hellen on Reply

    Thanks very much for this effort to make me understand,this is going to help me alot in opening my company as a biginer.

  7. Fred on Reply

    Hello I am a foreigner but I want to register a Local company Limited by shares. Is it possible to register it fully in my names ?
    Thank you so much

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      it is possible and in your names, and the names of the next director (of course you must have two minimum). However, if you want it easily done, make sure there is a courier service available since URSB no-loner handles photocopied signatures. +256757387337

      1. Timothy Kakeeto on Reply

        Hey I need to register an Art company that deals with interior design and art at large do I need TIN and I didnt understand the associate, gold and silver stuff please thank you so much for the guidance.

  8. Natalie Forsey on Reply

    We have been told we need a ‘resolution’ document for registration. Do you know what this is or where I could find a draft example?

  9. Vianney on Reply

    could there be a possibility of an online registration. because i think its a bit hectic for us who stay very far away from Kampala.

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      You will never get that in Uganda. Perhaps its limited to Name Search of your company. But then even that URSB doesnt provide it on their portal.

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      Just register the business as any normal company. You can even register a business name if the capital youre starting with is not too huge

  10. Ed on Reply

    Hi, i am outside Uganda, do i have to be physically present to register a company or can i do it remotely. Do you assist with the process?

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      You can still do the process through someone else. Since the system doesn’t support scanned signatures, or work sent over online (actually they want original documents, which can only be delivered from and forth via a carrier like DHL in and out of Uganda) so you have to get someone to register the company and then transfer every thing to you via a carrier. +256757387337

      1. Sharon Tendo on Reply

        Am still grateful for the information I have received but am really in need of knowing like how much do I need to invest in all these formalities like registration of the company among others because I want to start a delivery service business

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      There is no definite price. All i can say is that all 3 companies (an NGO is registered under the Companies Act No. 2 2012) will not cost more than 1.5m. 075387337

  11. Esau on Reply

    Thank u very much for the information given, u have really opened my minds! My question is how much can it take to register my business(Money lender business) and kindly list for me the requirements.

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      Is registered as any business. But the difference is that the Lending business is controlled by the Money Lending and Small Financial Institutions regulations, meaning you will need a license to operate the businesses as a gazatted lender even after registering the business as a company. 0757387337

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      You can start a company with any sum of capital. All you need to do is have the documents done, and after the capital comes later, though in the documentation process, there is need to reflect the amount of “proposed capital” for initial investment. If i can be of help, contact me 0757387337

    2. Ibrahim Ramathan K. on Reply

      Hi hope you’re all ok.
      Have some advice pliz…

      Pliz You’re asking the same question
      “how to register this, how to register this”

      Remember the Man has told you that the registration for any company is the same, and even he has given you his number…

      So please may you ask a different question?

    1. Mukubira John Mark on Reply

      Just like any company, register for a company and get a certificate, after register for an import and export trade license that falls into the category of goods you’re importing or wishing to export.

      A company can be opened even if your partners are foreigners, as long as you follow the right process. You can contact me for more details. 0757387337

  12. Able on Reply

    Hello! Thank you very much really you have helped me a lot
    I want to open up a money lending and labour export in one company en that’s 2 businesses in one company . Which advise do you give me . Be blessed

  13. UNZIMAI Julius on Reply

    This is so objective i like it, in case i want to open a company with sub entities under it dealing in various business ventures, is the path still the same?

  14. Peter on Reply

    What if I want to buy shares in anew company . Where can I find information for those company selling shares at affordable prices

  15. Murungi Elijah kelvin on Reply

    Thank you very much mr Mark
    Well,my concern is
    Is it okay for me as the CEO ofthe company to draft the requirements such the constitution and memorandum with the members or the team I choose to work with??donbu think it needs some kind if security

  16. Annet on Reply

    This is good. However, i wonder why i have to register with the chamber of commerce. Is it a must? If it is, what are the benefits of subscribing to UNCC?

  17. Esham on Reply

    It is a new company into manufacturers of leather shoes, we are registered with TIN, we have not yet started our business,
    can I apply for VAT registration ?
    Am I eligible to register ?
    Kindly update me with the procedures to do it

  18. Ainamani Julius on Reply

    Thanks Alot Mr.John, Am Ainamani Julius 4rm Here Kakumiro-Ug, I Want To Know If I Reg The Compony Or NGOs From Uganda, It Will Be Globe Or Countrywide Only, To Know More Give Me Your No.Being Fortune And Tycoon Sir.


    My name is Pastor Michael I want to register a recruitment agency in Uganda please can someone help me this is my WhatsApp number +2347089931348

    1. mutabazi Joseph Abigaba on Reply

      mr John thank you very much for this information. I tried many times but all in vain. I believe it’s now time you help help me to handle the documents and company registration.
      drop your watsap number if any please we start business.
      thank you.

    1. frank on Reply

      Don’t lose hope! You can make it.
      Find the necessary documents, .
      But first answer this:
      -How does the company benefit you?
      – Is it just the documents you want?
      -Can the business run without registration?

  20. Grace Mwondha on Reply

    I want to register for MTN/AIRTEL money but their paper work is bulky.
    Tell me what is required If I have money

  21. Jackson on Reply

    Thank you,
    Can all those stages be attended to when the business/company is already operating or they (stages of registration)must be cleared first before starting up?

  22. Okot Daniel on Reply

    I want to register a company but one of the director doesn’t have a national ID but is processing and they told her to wait after 3 months. Can we continue with the process or we have to wait for the National ID to be available?
    Secondly, where are you located?

  23. Stella on Reply

    What do I need to do to register a tour company with only one car so far. Pre take me though the steps. And how much it would cost me to register?

  24. Samuel on Reply

    Hello, I want to create an online web application and want to register a company under the same. What should I do? Do 1 requires to register a born in cloud company.

  25. Katwesigye Allan on Reply

    I reserved my company name in 2015!Iis it still valid??I too need services of articles of association, and other supporting documents soon any one to help,facilitation is there, WhatsApp 0791750896

  26. Thembo Eriah on Reply

    Hello, I would like to register a construction company dealing in sanitation, roads, bridges and buildings. Kindly help me with the overall procedure for registration and total costs.
    Thanks so much.

  27. Mutegaya Ambrose on Reply

    how do i get the articles and memorandum of association if i am registering for a coffee trading company? thanks for your reply

  28. Uwayesu emmanuel on Reply

    Well am a young youth in Uganda and I want to start up a water company. Am fresh from the university with a few savings what advice can you give to me

  29. Nshimiye Deus on Reply

    i want to register a travel company but am currently not in the country. I am i need of your advise on how i can do it and if its not possible, what should I do.

  30. Baziwane Simon Peter on Reply

    I have four different businesses and I want to register all under one company is it possible

  31. isaac on Reply

    God bless you sir for this work. is of possible for me to register a construction company as a single director

  32. Nicholas Agesa on Reply

    I need to start an Orphanage Organization, does all the above information apply for me to register my organization.
    I request for your advice please.

  33. Ahimbisibwe Benon on Reply

    I want to register a money lending company, how best can I access solicitor’s general office and what do I need to get a license from his officer? Thank you you have helped me so much.

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  35. isaelet Moses on Reply

    I would like to open mobile money business what are terms of registration of company and where should I begin from thanks

  36. Tori on Reply

    I would like to know about the creation of a cleaning agency. How many companies are already working in this area. Is it worth considering this type of activity?

  37. JOHN MUGERA on Reply

    Please thanks, i liked this and we need to register our 5 membership group and a company or a Cooperative society ( Preferred) how can you help us early as possible

  38. Isa kamuhangire on Reply

    Thank you, this was helpful,I have already secured one for myself but I would like to amend my memorandum of articles having my objectives limited to the services I provide, kindly advise
    Thank you
    Isa kamuhangire
    Director @bamusalim services ltd

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