How to Maintain Your Small Business While In Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting people all over the world, forcing people of all ages to stay home until it subsides. As people are forced to stay home, businesses are losing clients and sales because people can not come to them. All kinds of businesses are being impacted, but perhaps the businesses that are being impacted the most are small businesses.

Small businesses are taking a big hit from the lockdown specifically. Since small businesses depend on constant customer purchases and sales, small businesses are finding themselves unsure of what the future holds.

If you are a small business owner that is unsure of what to do with your business while in quarantine, here are some tips to help you stay afloat and avoid an indefinite closure;

1. Stay Connected

This is a simple and easy way for business owners to maintain their business while in quarantine. Staying connected can mean a number of things, depending on the kind of business that you own. However, two outstanding ways to stay connected are to schedule weekly calls or messages and to update your social media and website as much as possible.

Weekly calls will allow you to talk to clients and to understand where their head is at in regards to their business with you. Your clients are less likely to pull out of deals knowing that you, as a business owner, are staying on top of maintaining your business during this global crisis. These kinds of calls are especially beneficial for small businesses that are white collar.

Updating your website and social media accounts will also show customers that you are still focusing on your business and doing what you can to stay afloat. For example, if you own a small clothing store, update your social media showing new products you got in; not only will this help you stay connected to your customers, but it will entice them to support your business. Or, if you own a small restaurant, offer specials online to entice people to order from you.

2. Pay Attention to Spending

This is a seemingly obvious way to stay afloat while in quarantine, but it’s worth pointing out as many business owners may not know exactly how to do this. Pay attention to what you are spending money on during the global pandemic; cut out unnecessary spending and spending that can wait. For example, if you are spending money to advertise your business, consider cutting back on that for the next few months in order to save money. Or, if you own a restaurant, and are losing some business since there are no eat-ins, think about changing your weekly order to get only what you need, nothing extra.

It’s always important to pay attention to spending, however with the future of your business being uncertain, it’s crucial that you prioritize your spending and get rid of things that are not going to immediately make your business better.

3. Support your Clients

This is an outstanding way to maintain your business and your clients while in quarantine. Reaching out to support your clients to better understand how they are doing during the pandemic will show clients that you care about them on a personal level as well as a professional level.

Reaching out to clients is easy, you can send them a free gift pack, food, or care supplies to show them you are making sure that they are okay and are handling the quarantine well. Clients will appreciate this and will remember this small act of kindness as they are thinking about where to take their business.

Reaching out to clients will benefit you now, and will benefit you even more after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided.

Small Efforts Make a Big Difference

Maintaining your small business is going to be challenging during and after the pandemic, however, the more you do now, the more likely you will be able to prevent a business closure. Consider these small efforts as you do all that you can to make sure that your small business continues to thrive during these trying times.

By Veronica Baxter


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