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HER Voice Fund 2018 (On Adolescent Girls and Young Women)

This year, HER Voice Fund is giving USD 2000 grants for activities meant to influence policy processes in 13 African countries. Funds address financial access barriers limiting community-based organizations working on adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) to add a voice to policy processes.

HER Voice Fund

HER Voice is the result of various consultations with women organizations and women’s funds citing challenges faced, particularly by young women, while engaging in relevant policy and program design processes that directly affect their lives.

HER Voice believes that to respond adequately to the needs of adolescent girls and young women, their voices and ideas must be heard. They must have the opportunity to shape policies and programs that affect them. HER Voice will collaborate with and complement other initiatives geared towards strengthening the quality of interventions targeting adolescent girls and young women.


HER Voice is based on the principle that adolescent girls and young women have a vital role to play in driving and shaping the HIV response. Their experiences and needs must be central to policy making, program design, and implementation.

In this sense, HER Voice will support adolescent girls and young women through provision of small grants to community-based groups to overcome logistical, administrative and language barriers to participation in country processes and programs related to Global Fund investments as well as national policy-making, strategy development or programs monitoring or review processes relevant for adolescent and young women’s health.

HER Voice Fund and Awards

Applicants can submit requests for grants up to the equivalent of USD 2,000.

HER Voice reserves the right to award smaller amounts based on a review of proposed activities and budget proposal included in the application. Please, note that applicants can submit multiple requests for different activities taking place at different times.

HER Voice Fund support logistic and administrative costs related to the 4 areas below:

  • Participation
  • Community Consultation
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Communication and Outreach

Various activities qualify for funding under HER Voice. The list below is not exhaustive and provides examples of activities that can be supported under HER Voice.

  • Administrate costs related to community-based activities such as Community consultations and mobilization that are relevant to national or sub-national/ district AGYW and youth-related policy and programming processes related to adolescent and young women’s health. These could include communication costs travel, venue hire, stationery and other related meeting costs.
  • Travel and accommodation costs related to participation in the constituency, community or national consultations relevant to national AGYW and youth-related policy and programme processes supported by or linked to the Global Fund. This may include preparation of funding requests, programme design, grantmaking, monitoring of programmes and reviews.
  • Travel and accommodation costs related to participation in relevant country processes on issues that affect adolescent and young women’s health.
  • Internet costs related to participation in online meetings or group chats related to community or national consultations or other information and experience sharing platforms relevant for AGYW and youth-related policy and programming processes supported by or linked to the Global Fund.
  • Translation of document for the purposes of understanding relevant AGYW and youth-related policy and programming processes supported by or linked to the Global Fund.


To be eligible for HER Voice funding, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be based in one of the 13 countries listed in the section eligible countries (Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.)
  2. Be a registered or unregistered group, network or community-based organization of adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) or young people; or a community-based organization implementing programs for AGYW and/or youth.
  3. Be working on or willing to engage in national policy discussions, program design and monitoring processes relevant for Global Fund-supported programs; and with focus on adolescent health, HIV prevention and treatment, sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and gender-based violence (GBV).
  4. Demonstrate community work experience and willingness to mobilize peer groups.

How to Apply

Download and complete the application form available here; ENGLISHFRENCH and email it to applications@hervoicefund.org.

Deadline: Ongoing


4 thoughts on “HER Voice Fund 2018 (On Adolescent Girls and Young Women)

  1. Ayiyochan Brenda on Reply

    We are grateful to be part of people to make positive changes in the lives of adolescents and young women. I consider this opportunity as a land mark in valuing the opinions of Adolescents and young women in policy making. This is our time to create our conducive future.

  2. Orizaarwa Elliot on Reply

    we are humbled to see this coming out now.it has been along time working on policy and advocacy work with girls and young mothers.The biggest has been of lacking awareness among st girls and young mothers in understanding what policies are and how could they adequately respond the their own needs in societies .

  3. Samuel Kahungu on Reply

    We at Kabale women in development are eager and willing to support this cause through championing activities that positively impact on young women in living an enjoyable life. We feel our objectives feed exactly in #her voice`s#. We greatly welcome the opportunity that her voice gives us to prove our worth along this line

  4. Betty Tusubira on Reply

    Foundation for Women & Girl Child Initiative (FOWENGI) is a new organization founded in October 2017 to address women and girls challenges in Mukono District in Uganda,

    The organization started to train girls to make handcrafts and open a small handcraft l display centre ,Most of the girls i train come from humble poor families and some don’t go to school but rather bread winners.
    They face enormous economic,social and health challenges that need to be to addressed.
    I with my small team have started to network with various girls groups along shores of lake Victoria and farming rural areas.I have liked your programs and ready to work with you to support your women and girls

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