Stories on Depression: ‘Help Me Find Myself’ Life as An Unemployed Mother in Her 20s

Here we go again!

She can’t stop wondering what her life would be like; would she by now be succeeding in pursuing her studies, working on her Bachelor’s degree in Translation or in Education as it’s her passion and dream? Or working to change people’s lives with her English language and French degree…

At present she has become a superwoman, she looks after her son, husband and household, all while trying to run her small business and make it a success.

Every day, she looks up scholarships and job advertisement opportunities because even though she is so occupied, she still has the strength to remind herself that she is a graduate who by all means must pursue a career in what she loves.

“I feel like I have been a housewife like…forever!” She says to herself on a daily. Business has not been good lately and her husband’s salary is not enough to cover all their living expenses.

One moment she is fine, she consoles herself that it is OK and it will all soon be OK. She’ll find a job and this time she is willing to settle for any job so as to contribute especially to her son’s well being. And the next, it is all dark, she can’t control the situation; her head which always looks otherwise even when things are rough is a disaster, the refrigerator is empty for weeks, electricity running low and nothing is going well.

She is extremely powerless at this point, she neither has the strength to eat nor go out for sunbath, all she does is sit on the couch all day. She has lost herself, all she has left are pictures in her phone to remind her of the woman she is or was, it does not even matter because she feels like all she does is to take care of the world but it won’t return the favour.

It’s from this that i kindly ask, “Help me find myself

Story by Anonnymous

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One thought on “Stories on Depression: ‘Help Me Find Myself’ Life as An Unemployed Mother in Her 20s

  1. moana on Reply

    OOOOOOOhhhhhhh dear,
    You should realize where and who you are. We all have transition times in our lives, and when we are in the middle of one of them, it can be hard to see what is really going on. You may be feeling disconnected from your work, or perhaps you are mentally exhausted, which is an uncomfortable emotional experience i suggest you take a break, calm yourself, hang out with people who love you even though some times they also be busy get a day when some of them are not busy talk to them and if need be cry don’t hold your tears in and also u can try to write down your memories and your thoughts and getting your pain on paper can give you some perspective on what is going on, don’t rush through this, but give yourself a couple of days to make a complete list then start crossing off things as you take care of them and lastly you can listens to Abraham Hicks most importantly you are your own happiness it starts with u my dear love your self i know most times its hard but try hard as much as u can and know you are special and GOD loves you

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