Hack Una Matata

The Enabel Uganda Hack Una Matata Hackathan 2019

Enabel Uganda presents Hack Una Matata, a Hackathon addressing challenges in Tourism and Hospitality, Education and Employment.

Enabel Uganda is the Belgian Development Agency aiming to build a sustainable world where women and men live under the rule of law and are free to thrive. As a knowledge centre, thinking and acting in terms of strategy and policy influence to promote sustainable development.

Hack Una Matata

On 16th – 18th October 2019, Kampala Innovation Week (KIW) is assembling all key players and stakeholders in the startup ecosystem to raise Uganda’s profile in the startup space, provide visibility to its startups, both locally & internationally and thereby attract investors and enable global partnerships.

Enabel Uganda in partnership with the Innovation Village organised Hack Una Matata and are now seeking for innovators with a passion for developing sustainable digital solutions, leveraging technologies in tourism and hospitality, education and employment to solve pressing challenges in these respective sectors;

  1. Tourism and Hospitality: How might we leverage technology to improve service delivery and client satisfaction in (the) tourism and hospitality (sector)?
  2. Education: How might we leverage technology to transform training institutions into Centers of Excellence?
  3. Employment: How might we leverage technology to bridge the gap between the offer and demand for young graduates in the Ugandan labour market?

The goal of Hack Una Matata hackathon is to create a use case for Uganda being a marketplace for entrepreneurship through the development of local solutions from a collaboration between the local entrepreneurial community and different players in the ecosystem.


  • This is an opportunity for digital innovators to develop customized technology solutions with players from development agencies.
  • This is an opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs to take part in the largest gathering of Uganda’s Startup Ecosystem, identify challenges and discover innovative solutions to address them.

How to Participate

Interested applicants for Hack Una Matata are encouraged to submit a powerpoint presentation application of not more than 10 slides to this <<link>> 

Deadline: 11th October 2019


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